Children’s Ebook Library MagicBlox Offers Lifetime Access for $38

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The popular children’s e-book provider, MagicBlox announced today that it has surpassed one million pageviews for their website, which offers customers their choice of one free kids e-book each month – or additional “access pass subscription” options that allow for five books at $2.99 per month or unlimited access to a growing digital library of nearly 700 electronic children’s books for $3.99 billed monthly or $38 billed yearly.

To celebrate the milestone, MagicBlox is giving away 200 Lifetime Butterfly Access Passes® for the same $38 yearly price – a one-time fee. The first 200 users to register on MagicBlox and upgrade to the Butterfly Yearly Access Pass will get unlimited access to all current and future books on the library forever!

MagicBlox is continually growing and has a wide variety of engaging e-books from highly talented, award winning creators, rife with interactive features that parents and teachers have grown to love – such as audio narration, exciting sounds and upbeat music. There is no software to download and the library can be read on computers and tablets and re-read as often as you want. Children’s books anywhere… anyplace or anytime.

About MagicBlox®

Headquartered in Burlingame, California, MagicBlox was launched in June 2010, and is the brainchild of Jason Lane, the company’s CEO and founder.

The groundbreaking website represents the future of self-publishing platforms, allowing creators to experience free marketing for their books and simultaneously earning money as their books are read, while providing a safe haven where parents can allow their children’s imagination to flourish with age-appropriate titles that have each been approved by MagicBlox. The publishing industry has been shaken up by websites like MagicBlox, which feed the hunger for interesting digital content for children to read on the growing number of laptops and mobile devices throughout the world.

“It’s time the world sees all the books that are created,” said Lane about MagicBlox’s ability to give children’s book creators a platform to showcase their work.

MagicBlox helps bridge the print and digital worlds by offering seamless access to features like audio narrations for books that are purchased in retail stores, enhancing the way our children experience stories.


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