Changing Direction on Barnes & Noble

barnes and nobleThere was a time not too long ago when it looked like Liberty Media might try to acquire Barnes & Noble, which would have given the bookseller a big backer with deep media connections to challenge Amazon, Apple and Google at the digital content game.

There were even rumors that the company was arranging a credit facility to make the purchase – and at a premium to Barnes & Noble’s valuation at the time.

Fast-forward less than two-and-a-half years, and Liberty Media is divesting itself of much of its Barnes & Noble shares.

The reasons are unclear, but the market doesn’t like it, sending Barnes & Noble shares down nearly 14% on the news.



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Liberty Media Reduces Stake in Barnes & Noble (DBW)
The official release of the news. See if you can read better between the lines than we can.


In Other B&N News (DBW)
The company has a new director on its board: Tulane University President Scott Cowen.


Where’s Bezos? (NYT)
Amazon had one of the most important days in its history this week, announcing the launch of a device that will put it in America’s living rooms and in direct competition once again with Apple and Google. But founder, CEO and top Amazon showman Jeff Bezos was nowhere to be seen. (Perhaps he was at The Explorers Club, where he was just a few weeks ago.)


Authors Guild to Google With a Solution (PW)
The Authors Guild took the stand this week to talk more about its long-running dispute with Google over the scanning of books. A solution was proposed: licensing out-of-print books for digitization.


Sony Continues Kobo Transition (The Digital Reader)
Users of Sony-brand e-reading devices got an update this week that removes a now useless link to the Sony ebook store but doesn’t replace it with a way for users to buy Kobo ebooks. That’s coming later, the company says.


Reading Books vs. Buying Books (Book Riot)
A new poll from book blog Book Riot among its readers shows that when it comes to books, intentions are larger than the ability to act on them: For instance, Book Rioters have an average of 335 books on their “to be read” lists and own an average of 190 books they haven’t read. More.

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Inkling Goes Droid (DBW)
The company has launched its first Android app.


Book Censorship, as It Happens (Book Riot)
Sherman Alexie’s award winning young adult novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian will not be taught in class at a high school in Idaho, despite being put on the syllabus. Read one librarian’s account of censorship in action.




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