Candlewick Offers Low-Priced YA Ebooks via the E-Volt Blog

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e-voltTeens and young adults are a fast growing part of the ebook market, reading digital books on a range of devices—tablets, smartphones, and e-reader devices. With YA books being snapped up by Hollywood for its hottest new films, the YA market has never been more valuable to publishers. But with so many titles out there, how to gain the attention of busy, active young adults?

Children’s book publisher Candlewick Press is addressing the discoverability issue with incentivized book promotions through a Tumblr blog called E-Volt. This blog provides information on digital book deals priced at $2.99 or lower—for both new releases as well as backlist titles. The site also offers background info on the titles as well as author quotes and videos.

“The ebook market is so saturated with so many titles,” said Raquel Stecher, Candlewick online marketing manager. “E-Volt is a way to reach our YA audience directly.”  E-Volt launched in February, 2013.

Though YA books have teen protagonists and deal with teen issues, Stecher notes that many YA readers are no longer teens. A number of YA fans are in their twenties and beyond—and simply like the characters, plots, and messages in stories about teens. “E-Volt is for anyone who likes YA and wants a discount,” said Stecher.

The E-Volt site offers five or six price promotion deals per month. “With more tablets in the marketplace, we are conscious of the need to give consumers every excuse to use them as a reading device,” said Candlewick senior vice president John Mendelson.


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