Canadian Publishers in the Ebook Era

shutterstock_173727785A new benchmark study by BookNet Canada this week has given some insight as to how Canadian publishers are adapting to the ebook era.

Some 90% of them are producing ebooks, with the remainder either soon to be or considering doing it in the future. About a fifth have their full lists available as ebooks.

One of the most astounding findings from the study was that about one of eight Canadian publishers derive most of their digital income from selling ebooks directly to consumers, and not through established ebook retailers.


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Judge Rules Against Open Road in HarperCollins Case (Pub Lunch)
U.S. District Court judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled against Open Road in a summary judgment on a lawsuit brought by HarperCollins in 2011 over publication of Julie of the Wolves. The case has been closely watched by digital publishers who work with authors who claim the digital rights of their works even if those rights weren’t explicitly spelled out in contracts with prior publishers. The implications of the ruling aren’t yet known. Much more.

Webcast Today: Preparing Content for Digital Production (DBW)
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Self-Published Cookbook Wins Award (Pub Lunch)
Score another one for the self-publishing proponents. A self-published cookbook, Stone Edge Farm Cookbook, has been named the International Association of Culinary Professional’s Cookbook of the Year.

New Author’s Guild President, Board (Pub Lunch)
Roxana Robinson is the new president of the Author’s Guild, taking over from Scott Turow, who was president for four years. In related news, CJ Lyons has joined the Author’s Guild board; she is the first self-published author on the board.

Thinking Like Amazon (Pub Perspectives)
With Amazon Publishing, Amazon is starting to think like publishers and publishers need to start thinking like Amazon, according to two consultants from brand strategy firm Siegel+Gale. Creating a consumer brand may be the most important thing Amazon does that publishers should imitate.
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Penguin Random House to Focus on Consumers in UK (The Bookseller)
With the formation of a new consumer and digital development department and strong messages from executives, Penguin Random House UK seems poised to make a go at becoming a strong consumer brand in the country.

Nook Press Launches in UK (Good E Reader)
Nook has launched its self-publishing platform Nook Press in the UK. The move could help Nook launch its business abroad.

Lunch Break Podcast (Good E Reader)
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Bloomsbury Consolidates in the UK (PW)
Walker Books for Young Readers publisher Emily Easton will be leaving the company as the imprint gets folded into the larger Bloomsbury Children’s books.

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  1. Jeff Johnson

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    Hello, does anyone know who to get in touch with to type e-books. I have my own typing business and would like to get into doing this.

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