BookShout! Hits Milestone, Expects to Expand Direct-to-Consumer Platform

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BookShout! Hits 1 Million + Page Views in 13 Days and Continues to Expand Direct-to-Consumer Platform

With Explosive Growth and a Host of New Publishing and Corporate Partners, BookShout! Continues to Innovate and Deliver

BookShout! announced today that it is experiencing tremendous growth with more than one million page views—excluding mobile downloads—in as little as 13 days. BookShout continues to grow and empower publishers and authors with their expanded direct-to-consumer platform. And partners are taking notice.
HarperCollins Publishers, Hachette Book Group, Perseus Books Group, Simon & Schuster, Wiley, Workman, Chronicle Book Group and many more have partnered with BookShout! to fulfill their special sales and bulk ebook needs through the BookShout! Premium service. Some notable companies that have leveraged these new tools include Intel, Ernst & Young, CareerBuilder, The Kauffman Foundation, and others. “BookShout!’s tools open up a number of new opportunities for Wiley’s B2B customers,” said Peter Balis, Vice President and Director, Business Development, Digital Books at Wiley. “This expands our ability to provide our content to a wider audience, in a digital format.”
Publishers and authors are also leveraging BookShout! for creative digital marketing campaigns and data capture. Offering free eGalley distribution, socially-amplified marketing campaigns, branded gift cards and custom services, BookShout! Marketing has worked across multiple media brands including the television hit series “Duck Dynasty”, Oprah’s Lifeclass, and The Washington Post. One recent campaign gave away 10,000 ebook excerpts and collected key information in just 52 minutes. Another garnered 97,000 Facebook likes and 4,300 shares from just one post. Yet another campaign incentivized current subscribers with a choice of 1 of 10 free ebooks from their branded corporate page.
Once known simply as a social reading platform, BookShout! is growing up quickly and the team is excited about the prospects in 2014 and beyond. “We’ve increased our offerings per the needs of our exceptional publishing partners and clients,” said Jason Illian, CEO of BookShout!. “And we will continue to expand our powerful direct-to-consumer platform for publishers, providing valuable data and sales information through special sales, digital marketing and, very soon, third-party fulfillment.”
For more information on BookShout!‘s direct-to-consumer platform which includes digital bulk and premium sales, digital marketing and social media services, and direct to consumer sales, please contact Libby Jordan in New York at or visit
About BookShout!
BookShout! is a next generation retailer and reading platform that allows publishers, authors, and brands to build direct-to-consumer relationships. BookShout!‘s primary services include BookShout Premium (fulfillment of special markets and premium ebook sales), BookShout Marketing (data-driven, socially-amplified digital marketing tools) and BookShout Direct (the soon-to-be released third-party sales platform). BookShout! is accessible on all the latest devices including the iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD/HD+ or the web. For more information, please visit

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