BookBub Extends Discounts to UK Ebook Readers

It’s shaping up to be quite a day for British ebook readers. Amazon announced it’s launching a UK version of Kindle Unlimited, its subscription-based ebook and audiobook program. Today the email book marketing start-up BookBub extends its offering to UK readers as well.

BookBub offers its members exclusive discounts on popular ebooks and functions as an ebook discovery platform. It closed a $3.8 million round of funding in May, after tripling its membership since the start of 2013. It now reports a total user base of over 3 million email subscribers, with over 100,000 based in the UK.

Authors and publishers who submit their titles for BookBub’s program may now elect to enter their listing into the UK market as well. Those that are selected are charged the same fee for the U.S. plus an added 5%.

BookBub has more details on its website.

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