BookBaby Launches Direct-to-Consumer Book Retail Platform for Authors

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BookShop Brings Authors Direct To Fans: BookBaby Changes the Game in Independent Publishing

BookBaby, the publishing arm of CD Baby, the world’s largest distributor of independent music, is ready to start a whole new chapter with the opening of BookShop (, which will help authors connect directly with readers in ways they’ve never been able to before. With the new, easy-to-use BookShop landing pages, authors can merchandise each of their books directly to fans with a custom landing page for each book.

BookBaby brings CD Baby’s vast knowledge of working with independent artists to publishing. The ballgame might be different, but the needs are still the same, and that’s what BookBaby understands, and what they offer in BookShop. They have the largest distribution network of any ebook distributor. Amazon? Barnes & Noble? iBookstore? Baker and Taylor and more? BookShop distributes to them all. And now any author can now sell their work directly from their own BookShop page. It’s one-stop marketing for authors.

“Having a page on BookBaby is free for everyone, even if they don’t want to use us for distribution,” says director of marketing Kevin Breuner. “Their pages have links to the places where people can buy their work. And with BookShop, authors can market their work directly from their pages to readers, setting their own prices, as well as going through all the other outlets. We’ve learned a great deal running CD Baby, and we’re applying it to this. We’re working for the authors.”

As anyone who’s published an ebook knows, the big problem is formatting. Each platform and device has its own requirements and demands. BookBaby takes the headaches away from writers. Under the standard plan, BookBaby converts an author’s ebook to all PDF formats. The Premium Plan goes all the way, with conversion to every format, PDF proofs, as well as allowing writers to make post-publication changes to their books across the entire distribution network. It’s a whole new experience.

Even better, everything is weighted in favor of the author. Anyone arriving with a formatted epub file can use BookBaby’s distribution without an upfront charge. Those using the Premium service will get to keep 100 percent of their royalties.

With fully customizable and editable author pages, writers present themselves as they want on BookShop. They can interact with their readers in a way no one else offers.

If BookBaby is the shop window, the display that lets buyers see what’s available, BookShop is where authors can get down to the nuts and bolts of business. With detail from oversized cover image to author info, book metadata, full customization and updating, as well as links to let people click through and buy, it’s the perfect sales tool for any author. BookShop offers the direct sales of ebooks and PDFs to readers from the page.

“We’re changing the author experience to a gold standard,” explains Breuner. “With CD Baby we’ve brought musicians and fans directly together. BookBaby and BookShop are going to do exactly the same for authors and readers.”

BookBaby is turning the page. It’s a whole new chapter in independent publishing.

3 thoughts on “BookBaby Launches Direct-to-Consumer Book Retail Platform for Authors

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  2. Michael W. Perry

    Interesting. I’ll have to check it out. This sounds almost exactly what I emailed CamelCamelCamel about this past weekend. It may solve a big problem for authors: the problem of where to send people who want to discover where to get your books.
    Yes, you can create some complicated HTML code that’s smart enough to link to your books based in the ISBN. But that code has to be created for each and every book at each and every source and checked regularly.
    What’d be great, I told Camel-etc. would be a single landing page that would have information about an ebook, possibly even offering it for direct download, and also link to where people can get it from the major retailers. And it matters not to me if the linking site covers its costs with the associate fees. Even better would be a service that was smart enough to look at the incoming IP address and link people, first and foremost, to retailers in their own country.
    I’m not sure how, but I’ve been on Bookbaby’s mailing list for months. I’ve not really looked into what they do, because I’m already overburdened with retail outlets. But if they can save me trouble, that’s worth looking into.
    Alas, the above is a press release. It’d be great if someone could give us an independent review.

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