Book Soundtrack Start-up Booktrack Launches Classroom Tool

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Expansion into Education For Peter Thiel Backed Company Follows Two University Studies Showing that Reading with Booktrack Increases Comprehension by 17% and Reading Engagement by 30%

Builds on Company’s Recent Growth Including Securing $3 million in Series A Financing led by Sparkbox Ventures and the Release of Mobile Apps

Booktrack, backed by funders including Peter Thiel and Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post Productions, announced it is expanding its popular platform, which self-published writers and publishers use to synchronize soundtracks to eBooks, into the education space.

The dedicated education platform, Booktrack Classroom gives students free access to soundtracked eBooks, from famous classics to contemporary titles and the ability to easily create their own Booktrack titles by matching their stories to an extensive library of over 20,000 free-to-use high quality music and ambient audio tracks. Students can then share their published Booktracks with classmates to read with customized music and ambient sound automatically paced to each individual’s reading speed.

Booktrack Classroom’s launch follows findings from a research project conducted by a team of experts from the University of Auckland that shows how reading with Booktrack increases reading comprehension and engagement. Of the 248 middle and high school students in the randomized study, those who read the syllabus text incorporating Booktrack’s synchronized soundtrack spent 30% more time reading and registered 17% higher comprehension in comparison with the control group. This further validates a previous NYU study on reading comprehension increases when reading with Booktrack technology.

Booktrack’s expansion into education builds on the company’s recent growth. Its signature product, Booktrack Studio, which is now available online at, on iOS and on Android, that provides self-published writers and publishers with the ability to add soundtracks to their eBooks. In just over five months since its launch, over 300,000 users have created more than 3,600 Booktracks in 30 different languages and have spent more than 2.5 years reading. Booktrack also recently completed $3 million in Series A financing led by Sparkbox Ventures.

Booktrack CEO Paul Cameron: “With the increasing number of distractions available to kids across video games, television, and apps, teachers and parents often struggle to get students excited by reading and writing. Booktrack not only makes reading and writing much more fun, but as our recent study shows, also improves learning. This is why we are making the Booktrack Classroom system free to all schools in order to help teachers improve reading enjoyment and comprehension for their students while meeting Common Core standards.”

Booktrack Classroom is currently available at in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Google Chrome Stores. An executive summary of the University research report is available here ( and Professor Matt Parsons from the University of Auckland, who provided academic oversight for the study, said: “Preliminary results showed a significant improvement and I was really excited to see the impact the multi-sensory reading experience made to comprehension in high school students.”


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