Book Publishing M&A Getting Revved

mergers and acquisitionsThe past several years has seen a flurry of financial activity in the book publishing industry – much more so in the several years preceding: Penguin Random House, Hachette-Hyperion, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, F+W Media, Amazon-Goodreads; and the list goes on.

Expect more deals to come.

There are a series of factors coming together right now to make it one of the best times to be a banker servicing the book publishing industry.

Much more.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

“Have You Ever Been to the Yonkers Barnes & Noble”? (DBW)
One speaker at Digital Book World last week called the state of B&N’s Yonkers location “disgraceful.” If you weren’t at DBW 2014, you missed out on that and much more. Here’s a taste.

Who Can Rival Amazon? (Scholarly Kitchen)
DBW speaker Joe Esposito reprises his talk from the conference, explaining Amazon’s dominance in scholarly publishing and examines its market position, strengths and weaknesses.

Rumor: More Exec Departures at Barnes & Noble (The Digital Reader)
Revelations of senior-level departures at Barnes & Noble’s Nook unit have been making news. Here’s a rumor of two more departures, unconfirmed as of this writing by the company: Nook chief technology officer Ravi Gopalakrishnan and Nook Press head Avi Nolan. DBW has sent a request to B&N for confirmation and has not yet received a response. Related: Why Are Executives Jumping Ship at Barnes & Noble’s Nook Unit?

Testing Oyster (Las Vegas Weekly)
One writer gave Oyster a whirl and found it wanting – until he found something he wanted to read.

Disney Jumping Into Transmedia (PW)
Author Jennifer Donnelly will pen Deep Blue, a new multi-platform vehicle from Disney about mermaids.

DK Signs With WWE (DBW)
The book publisher has inked a deal to publish WWE titles about the wrestling entertainment business’s stars.

The Library of the Fuuuuuuuture (Pub Perspectives)
Take this written tour of the inside of San Antonio’s new BiblioTech, an all-digital library. The location isn’t great and the façade looks bleak, but the interior is bright, cheery and full of information.

3M Expands Cloud Library to Canada (DBW)
The retailer of ebooks to libraries will now sell to libraries north of the border.

Tennessee Public Library to Publish Books (DBW)
IngramSpark, Ingram’s relatively new service for indie- and self-publishers, will be utilized by a library in Tennessee to publish books.

Enter BookCon (PW)
Book Expo America has rebranded its consumer day “BookCon.” We feel “cheated.”

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