Book Marketing Changes Gears Amid Social Media Shifts

shutterstock_193013597Some were already declaring Facebook’s usefulness as a marketing platform in decline before the social network cut back on advertising from brand pages earlier this year. But that change still complicated things for book marketers and authors.

According to Kristin Fassler, VP, Director of Marketing at Penguin Random House, “the demographics of the Facebook audience are similar to the U.S. book-buying population,” and it remains a critical tool in driving discovery.

Now, Fassler says, “publishers will have to be much more imaginative and innovative as they experiment with different social platforms [and] manage social advertising budgets.”

And that’s all while navigating the shift to mobile.

Much more.

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Best-selling author H. M. Ward says Amazon’s subscription ebook platform Kindle Unlimited has dramatically reduced her income. “This model needs to be changed for it to work,” Ward wrote in a recent post on the Kindle message boards. “Authors shouldn’t be paid lottery style.”
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What Bezos Gets Right (and Wrong) on Authors and Ebook Prices (Venturebeat)
In one industry watcher’s view, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos “is only half right” when he says that lower ebooks prices–the putative sticking point in the company’s feud with Hachette–will lead to authors earning more money. The reason has to do with what that standoff was really about–profit margins–and it’s why, in this view, “it’ll be a while before [authors] are making the kind of money they deserve from a best-selling title.”
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Wattpad Adds a Paywall (The Digital Reader)
The digital storytelling community Wattpad announces it’s adding paid content “as an early experiment intended to improve the experience for readers and writers alike.” Much of the new content will build off of or add to works that will remain free to users.
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HarperOne Launches New Imprint (Pub Lunch)
HarperElixir, the new “mind, body, spirit” imprint to be housed within HarperOne and overseen by the division’s associate publisher, aims to target what the publisher believes to be a growing category of titles among readers worldwide.

Findaway World Launches U.S. Air Force E-Reader (Good E Reader)
After building a custom e-reader for the U.S. Navy, Findaway World secured a contract to do the same for the Air Force. The new device, called the Aero, comes preloaded with best-selling ebooks and has no wifi or USB ports for security reasons.

Mobile E-Reading Rising in China (Yibada)
A recent survey of Chinese readers finds the rising adoption rates of smartphones and tablets coincide with an uptick in ebook reading. The survey was conducted only among existing users of a Chinese telecommunications company, but it squares with other recent indications that the country’s ebook market is growing.
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Mobile Markets Maturing Worldwide? (Teleread)
Mobile and ebooks may alike be on the upswing in China, but according to a recent report by the International Data Corporation, it’s partly thanks to more Chinese mobile companies offering less expensive alternatives to premium smartphones that growth is expected to slow worldwide. The global tablet market has already shown signs of a similar slowdown.

Used Ebooks in the Balance (Good E Reader)
In a closely watched case among digital publishers and retailers in Europe, a Dutch court is set to decide whether used ebooks constitute a legal market or a form of piracy.


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One thought on “Book Marketing Changes Gears Amid Social Media Shifts

  1. Laurence O'Bryan

    Hi Murray & Happy New Year to all.

    Interesting post.

    While you are right that the web site is an important tool, we must not forget that content will trump search engine optimization in the year ahead.

    Publisher need to get their web pages updated to be easily found, sure, but creating a stream of new content to pull readers to their site is a more effective way to find readers than relying on an algorithm, which Google can change at any moment, and often does.

    The web site/blog is the way forward. To see some ideas on how writers, and publishers, can create appealing content for their sites in 2015 see:

    Happy publishing!



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