Book Marketing Blueprint

shutterstock_210427780The digital era hasn’t been kind to traditional book marketing. What has worked and what doesn’t has changed – and changed again so many times that it’s been hard to keep track.

But new truths of book marketing are starting to develop and eBOUND Canada, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping publishers engage with digital change, has put together a report that has identified some of those truths.

The report is aimed at smaller publishers but it applies to any organization. Check out some of the headline findings here.

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Amazon Responds to German Author Letter (PW)
Responding to German authors who say they’re just trying to steer the bookseller in the right direction, Amazon claims that Bonnier’s practices around ebooks are way out of line with the rest of the German publishing industry and that it charges too much for ebooks.

Pottermore Publishes a Song (DBW)
In a first for the Harry Potter ebook site, Pottermore is publishing a song by a “sorceress.”

Firebrand Launches FlightDeck (DBW)
The new tool allows publishers, authors and ebook production professionals to check the stability of their EPUB files.
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Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When Publishing a Book App (DBW)
Without reproducing the whole article, think planning, investment and marketing.
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New Apps to Teach Language and Penmanship (DBW)
Kumon Publishing is helping expand what educational apps can do, harnessing the features of new interactive mobile technologies.

More Ebooks, Faster (The Digital Reader)
ReadZap, a new service, delivers snippets of ebooks directly to whatever mobile device you’re using.

New Kobo E-Reader Waterproof (The Digital Reader)
A new FCC filing by Netronix, Kobo’s hardware partner, has revealed some juicy details about a new Kobo e-reader. The company has not officially announced a new e-reading device.

New Nook-Samsung Teaser Videos Is Awkward (Forbes)
You just have to watch the video.


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