Book Crowd-Funding Platform Pubslush to Launch Community Pages

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Bringing Literary Communities Together, Bridging the Gap Between Authors, Readers, Publishers and Industry Leaders

Pubslush is the premiere crowdfunding platform only for books. Spearheaded by mother and daughter team, Hellen and Amanda Barbara, Pubslush is a digital platform to help fund upcoming literary projects. Pubslush provides authors with the tools to raise funds and gauge initial market viability of their book projects. Also, as the American Idol of books, Pubslush allows readers to become part of the publishing equation and act as gatekeepers in the industry. Readers now have the ability to choose what books they’d like to see published.

Unlike Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Pubslush provides specialized crowdfunding solutions to authors and customized white-label crowdfunding solutions to publishers and industry professionals with the lowest platform fee in the industry.

Pubslush Pro is a program that allows publishers to create their own branded crowdfunding pages on Pubslush. Now, publishers can conduct crowdfunding campaigns while promoting their company brand and building their community, which will help them to connect and stay in contact with readers.

Through these pages, publishers have access to quantifiable data on who is purchasing their products and are able to build a database of active consumers. Not only does this provide publishers with the means to maintain their customer database, but Pubslush Pro also allows them to track book sales and trends, which ultimately leads to more informed and successful publishing.

Pubslush Custom is a referral program for industry professionals who work closely with authors. Like Pro, companies or individuals can build their own customized pages on Pubslush and offer their authors a branded crowdfunding solution. In exchange for the referral of their authors to Pubslush, they receive a percentage of the Pubslush platform fee.

In February 2014, Pro and Custom accounts will be eligible for a Premium upgrade, which will provide their pages with even more customizability and the power to offer white-label crowdfunding technology and social media integration.

Pubslush also fosters ongoing relationships with their authors by offering the “Buy Button” feature. All campaigns remain on the Pubslush site even after they’ve been successfully funded and once the book is published, the Buy Button will link to the marketplace in which the author is selling their book, whether it’s Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.

As one of the most comprehensive niche crowdfunding platforms for books only, Pubslush gives authors the forum to generate funds pre-publication and gauge the audience for their book. By giving authors the ability to publish more informed and successfully, Pubslush is helping to redistribute the power in the publishing industry and create a more vibrant and diverse marketplace.

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