Blurb Plays Publishing Matchmaker

Blurb-logoBlurb rolls out a free-to-use system recommending a “Dream Team” of independent publishing experts for authors seeking professional help.

As self-publishing expands, so is the market for copy-editors, proofreaders, illustrators and others offering their services. But a reliable means of evaluating those people has remained elusive.

Blurb’s lineup of experts launches with fifty professionals for authors to choose from, hand-picked by industry veterans Molly Barton and Richard Nash.

That number will grow, but according to Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins, “it’s not about abundance. The filter is the value” at the heart of the service.


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Self-Publishing’s Demographic Shift (Guardian)
Among other key changes it brought about, Fifty Shades of Grey encouraged more middle-aged, well educated women to get into self-publishing, according to recent research. Now, many of those authors are becoming increasingly savvy and successful business owners.
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A new content creation platform for multimedia children’s ebooks expands internationally. The platform, called TigerCreate, aims to lower the production cost and increase the quality of self-published digital children’s content.

Subscription E-Textbooks on the Horizon? (EdTech)
Many industry insiders expect the subscription model that’s altered the landscape for genre fiction is due to sweep the digital textbook market as well. But with any potential disruption amid the shift to digital comes concerns about piracy.
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Amazon Publishing Loses Top Editor (NYT)
Ed Park leaves Amazon Publishing’s literary-minded Little A imprint for Penguin Press, an exit the Times frames as emblematic of the “challenges that Amazon faces in a publishing ecosystem that largely views the online retailer as a rapacious competitor. ”

Fire Phone and Original Kindle: Apples and Oranges (The Motely Fool)
As sales remain disappointing for the Fire Phone and Amazon concedes to having miscalculated on the device’s pricing, the e-tailer takes the long view in comparing it with the original Kindle, which recovered from a weak debut to emerge as transformative product. But one analyst is skeptical of that comparison.

A Digital Dictionary for Fiction Ebooks (Tech Cocktail)
Fictionary, a free, reader-powered app that supplies glossaries of characters and terms for fiction ebooks, is growing in popularity among Kindle users as well as authors looking to have their titles featured on the platform.

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Cory Doctorow explains why in addition to harming customers, DRM systems can ultimately lead to “market power shifting from creators and investors to intermediaries.” For authors and publishers, in Doctorow’s view, that makes them “worse than nothing” at all.

AAP Backs Review of Fair Use Ruling (AAP–Press Release)
The Association of American Publishers lends its support to the publishers locked in a legal battle with Georgia State University as the fair use case enters its latest phase.


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