BitLit Bundles Elsevier Ebooks

WaqeeerLFour months after HarperCollins launched a pilot program with the ebook bundling start-up BitLit, Elsevier follows suit.

BitLit offers customers discounted ebook versions of titles they already own in print. More than two hundred publishers already offer their titles through BitLit’s bundling service, which currently consists of about 40,000 ebooks.

Elsevier kicks off its own BitLit partnership with a pilot of 5,000 titles at three different price points.

Learn more: Hear directly from BitLit founder and CEO Peter Hudson at Digital Book World 2015.

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Leading health, science and technology publisher to work with Vancouver start-up to offer readers ebooks of books they own in print.

November 13, 2014 (Vancouver, BC) – Today, BitLit adds leading health, science and technology publisher, Elsevier, to its ebook bundling platform. BitLit is an app that allows readers to purchase a free or discounted ebook edition of books they own in print. To claim the ebook, readers write their name in ink on the copyright page and snap a photo using their smartphone. BitLit uses computer vision technology to verify authenticity and avoid the need for receipts or point-of-sale records, thus allowing Elsevier to offer readers the opportunity to bundle Science and Technology ebooks retroactively.

“We pride ourselves on being an innovative business,” said Suzanne BeDell, Managing Director, Science and Technology Books, Elsevier. “We like to test new methods of publishing and distribution models to continually improve what we deliver to customers. Working with BitLit is another great example of doing just this.”

BitLit’s CEO, Peter Hudson said, “BitLit is excited to be working with forward-thinking publishers, like Elsevier, who recognize their readers’ desire to be able to access their materials in all formats. Elsevier has long held a leadership role in technological advancements, so it comes as no surprise they would be early to offer ebook bundling to their readers.”

Elsevier joins the over 200 publishers and 40,000 titles that are currently available to bundle through BitLit. Initially, they will make 5,000 titles available at three different price points in order to test price elasticity in the market.

BitLit can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.

About BitLit
BitLit is an app that helps readers get the ebook for a print book they own. BitLit works with publishers to offer readers print book and eBook bundling. Peter Hudson and Marius Muja founded BitLit in 2013. BitLit is based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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