BISG Pulls Out of Deal With AAP on BookStats Annual Report

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AAP Statement on BISG Withdrawal from BookStats Joint Venture

On June 19, the Book Industry Study Group Board voted not to renew its joint agreement with the Association of American Publishers to continue as co-producers of the annual BookStats survey capturing the estimated size and scope of the publishing industry.

This decision does not affect the imminent release of the 2013 BookStats survey.

AAP has enjoyed its three-year collaboration with BISG on the BookStats project. As the agreement’s expiration approached, our organizations have had a series of conversations to discuss options and their decision does not come as a surprise.

BISG’s decision also does not affect AAP’s commitment to serve as a primary source of data for all sectors of the publishing industry, a service we have provided throughout our 40-year history. Our current stats reports, capturing aggregated actual data, will continue. They include “StatShot,” the monthly Trade and overall industry survey, and our reports for K-12, Higher Ed and Professional Journals.

AAP produced its own annual industry estimates prior to the BISG joint venture and we will resume that work through an existing or new product. Details on this new initiative will be made public at a later date.

BISG Shaping New Direction for Research in 2015
Publication of BookStats Volume 4 on Target for this Week

The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) announced today that it will not renew its agreement with the Association of American Publishers (AAP) to produce Volume 5 of BookStats in 2015, and will instead explore other options for conducting industry-wide research. The announcement has no impact on BookStats Volume 4, featuring data from calendar year 2013, which publishes later this week.

“We’re delighted to have had this partnership with AAP,” said BISG Executive Director Len Vlahos. “The work we’ve done together over the past several years has gone a long way to helping stakeholders in and out of publishing better understand our industry. But as happens with all projects, the lifecycle for BookStats has, in our view, run its course. We look forward to working with AAP on myriad other projects in the future, and we look forward to writing the next chapter of our own research efforts.”

The Online Data Dashboard for BookStats Volume 4 will be live Wednesday, June 25, and the printed report will publish in August. For more information visit:

BISG remains committed to providing actionable research and information to the entire publishing ecosystem. In addition to Digital Books and the New Subscription Economy, Student Attitudes toward Content in Higher Education Volume 4, and Faculty Attitudes toward Content in Higher Education Volume 3—all scheduled for publication in the next two weeks—BISG will work with partners to create new research products that take a holistic and global view of book industry data. Information on current BISG research products can be found at:

The organization is also proud of the content published through the tireless efforts of the industry volunteers who serve on BISG committees, including the recently released Best Practices for Keywords in Metadata, Recommendations for Citing Common Core State Standards in ONIX, and Field Guide to Fonts for E-books, all available for free download at

About the Book Industry Study Group, Inc.
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