BigJump Rizzoli Winner already published in print

Only 4 months from the submission of the draft manuscript to the availability in bookshops of the final print edition.

During a public event on June 23rd, Rizzoli unveiled the final winner of BigJump, the first literary award in Italy for self-published novels, launched by Rizzoli, ABigJumpmazon’s KDP and the Italian start-up 20lines.

Out the three BigJump Category Winners, the romance novel “Dimmi se ne vale la pena” by Stefania Balotelli won the Rizzoli Bigjump Winner award that consists in the additional publishing of print edition (it was already published as ebook, a few weeks earlier together with the other two BigJump Category winners) . The print edition has been made available on all main Italian trade bookshops, only 36hrs after it was announced.

During the same event, Amazon’s KDP announced the BigJump KDP Winner among the 30 BigJump finalists, taking into consideration customers’ appreciation. It is “Il cammino delle parole” by Veronica Gussoni. The self-published novel gets, as prize, a special promotion support on Kindle Store in Italy.

As regards as the BigJump Rizzoli Winner, the novel “Dimmi se ne vale la pena” was published in print only 4 months after the deadline for the submission of the first draft (on February, 14th ). Actually it took only 3 months, if one counts from the end of the social selection that defined the list of the 30 BigJump finalists.This probably breaks any industry record for the shortest time-to-market in Italy with a large publishing group and a self/published author. The novel was selected, reviewed, curated and turned in a published book by the Rizzoli’s editorial team.

BigJump is a brand-new form of book crowd-selection that engages online readers to identify the 10 hottest finalists for each of the three contest’s genres (thriller, romance, historical fiction) starting from the pool of all participating novels (500+ novels). The selection of the 30 finalist novels is only up the readers.

Out of the 30 finalists, Rizzoli has autonomously selected the three BigJump Category awards’ winners and the BigJump Rizzoli Winner. Amazon’s KDP has selected the BigJump KDP Winner.

Below a fotogallery of the final event held in June with all BigJump winners and represantatives from the BigJump Team.


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