New Author Group Authors Alliance to Respond to Changing Author Landscape

Responding to the changing power dynamic in publishing and the rise of authors, a new group of authors is forming that is meant to serve a new kind of author*:

Authors, construed broadly to include all creators, create for all sorts of reasons. In academia in particular, it is not uncommon to write and create primarily for the specific purpose of being read, seen, and heard.

Unfortunately, many institutions and much of the law and policy that are meant to foster our creative culture are geared toward other interests. The Authors Alliance seeks to find a new balance that gives voice to authors who prioritize public access to their work. Founded by four members of the Berkeley faculty, we are an independent nonprofit organization launching this May. Our mission is to further the public interest in supporting authors who create in order to be read, seen and heard.


* An earlier version of this article said that the Berkeley Center for New Media was launching the organization. This is not the case and has been corrected. We regret the error. 

4 thoughts on “New Author Group Authors Alliance to Respond to Changing Author Landscape

  1. Michael W. Perry

    It’s a good idea. I just hope the new organization doesn’t adopt an attitude that’s all too common around universities such as Berkeley. That’s a belief that their \to be read\ attitude makes them morally superior to those who write to make a living.

    The former group can only exist because the rest of society is forcible taxed to pay their salaries. There’s little that is laudable about that. And their publishing has motives that aren’t that different from even the most mercenary of authors–prestige and promotions that mean a higher salary.

    Nor should will look down on a mom who writes children’s stories on her kitchen table, so she can earn a bit extra and take her kids to a fun park some Saturday.

    The same can be said about those who make moral distinctions between scholarly works and fiction or those who do contrast serious literary fiction with genre fiction. Good and bad don’t fit in little boxes like that.

    –Michael W. Perry, Lily’s Ride: Rescuing her Father from the Ku Klux Klan (A dramatization of the first civil rights movement in the post Civil-War South out in early May)

  2. Authors Alliance

    There appears to be an error in this post—Authors Alliance is an independent nonprofit that has no ties to the Berkeley Center for New Media. Please revise.

    1. vangvieng

      I assume MP was referring to the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, which is headquartered at the university’s Law School. It is a leader in the drive towards a copyright-free Internet, lightly regulated use of so-called orphan works, broadening the definition of fair use to include essentially derivative works, etc. The Authors Alliance is wholly a creation of the Center for Law & Technology. A scan of its Advisory Board ( shows it’s weighted down with academics and open Internet luminaries.

  3. Warren Shuman

    My 1st comment is that I think it is not smart to have the section titles in such a dim, light almost indiscernible , hardly visible, vague and fading away blue. What can possibly be the rationale for this?

    My second comment is: Michael I agree with you wholly. Your comments are right on target and speak of your personal difficulties and experiences that you and I and thousands of other Independent Authors share. The Digital Book World will be our best tool for recognition. A well-developed Marketing Platform for each title is critical. It’s a strong learning curve, but there is help out there that Authors need to embrace. Glad to discuss it with you.

    Stay well… Warren.



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