Authors Think Publishers Make Better Books

book ebookWhen it comes to putting out a better quality product, authors think that publishers do better than authors can do on their own. That said, self-published authors believe they’ll get more creative control when they do it themselves – and creative control is something they crave.

When it comes to outcomes in general, authors believe they’ll overall get better outcomes when working with publishers. That’s true when it comes to sales expectations, marketing support and nearly everything authors consider important in publishing.

Yet, one of the main messages of the recently published Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest author report is that hybrid authors – those who know both self-publishing and traditional publishing – are comparatively down on publishers and bullish on self-publishing.

More (charts).

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Apple Pumps 77 Million More E-Reading Devices Into Market (Pub Lunch)
Apple’s first quarter was a doozy, with the company setting records for devices sold, revenues and profits. The company flooded the market with 26 million more iPads and 51 million more iPhones, booking $54.5 billion in revenue and $13.1 billion in profit.

Publishers Own and Should Sell More Than Books (DBW)
Thinking about books in terms of intellectual property, instead of a constellation of formats, means publishers can license their content for immediate payouts.

To Survive, Libraries Must Go Digital Faster (Good E Reader)
Can a handful of new models and initiatives spare imperiled libraries from ongoing budget slashing?

Abrams Makes Front-List Ebooks Available to Libraries (Pub Lunch)
Libraries can now purchase ebooks from the publisher and lend front-list titles for one year on a one-copy/one-user basis.

Librarians: Don’t Stop (PW)
Despite a series of victories in 2013 for libraries when it comes to acquiring ebooks, librarians need to stay aggressive and vigilant.

Penguin Global Digital Director Leaves (DBW)
Global digital director Molly Barton joins the faculty of Wesleyan University, leaving individual Penguin Random House imprints to shape their own digital strategies.

Amazon Takes Over UC Davis’s Online Store (DBW)
Amazon Student is piloting a membership-based program with UC Davis to expand the campus bookstore’s online services. The university will collect a portion of the revenue it generates.

Compatibility Glitch Mars Adobe’s Latest DRM Update (The Digital Reader)
The latest version of Adobe DE released last week appears to include a glitch preventing some users from accessing past purchases.

E-Fiction Website Dabbles in Print (
Fiction Express, a website that publishes weekly installments of stories shaped by feedback from student readers, is venturing into print. ReadZone Books will market the project’s first titles to school libraries where the subscription service is popular.

Tips for Authors Crafting Multiple Brands (
Authors writing for multiple audiences now build distinct brands to target each of them. There are now more tools and strategies for pulling it off.

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