Are We Back to Pricier Ebooks?

shutterstock_133674434David Baldacci’s The Target hangs onto its No. 1 spot in this week’s Ebook Best-Seller list. Its price? $12.74.

Ebook prices have been riding a high over the past few weeks, but it’s nevertheless striking to find a No. 1 best-seller hang onto its top spot at such a high price relative to the deep discounting that’s dominated the market.

Does this hint at a turning point in that trend?

More, including the top-25 best-selling ebooks this week. 

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Publishers: Work With, Not Against (Magellan Media Partners)
The market for reading has expanded dramatically but the vast majority of the gains have occurred outside of the traditional book publishing supply chain (for instance, people spend all day reading tweets and Facebook posts even if they’re not buying more books). But it doesn’t have to be that way and there are steps book publishers can take to capture more of the value of this sea change in our daily lives.

Reading With the Web (DBW)
Digital reading allows you to curate your reading experiences like never before, but what do we lose when we do this? What do we gain? More.

Google Takes Aim at Amazon (Slate)
With Google Shopping Express, the search giant is trying to break into the same-day-delivery world.

Wal-Mart Takes Aim at Amazon (WSJ)
For the first time ever, Wal-Mart grew its online sales faster than Amazon did, albeit on a much smaller scale. The company aims to continue its fast growth and has been buying up e-commerce companies left and right.

Hey Penguin! Build This Reading App! (DBW)
Two ebook outsiders (they come from the advertising industry) have theorized a new, better reading and ebook retail experience and publicly pitched it to Penguin. While the idea ignores some other reader app efforts, it’s good to have fresh thoughts in the industry from fresh faces. It’s not the first time recently that folks from the ad industry have dipped in to try to help the book publishing industry.

Japan: Study Says Kids Learn to Read Better With Ebooks (Japan Daily Press)
A small study out of Kyoto University found that children learning to read new characters with an ebook did better than when they were read to by their mothers’ with a print book.

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Inkling Ebooks to Be Bundled With Wolters Kluwer Print Titles (DBW)
The Wolters Kluwer Health titles will be targeted to medical professionals and represents one of the first big publishers to adopt one price for the print and ebook title.

Blast From the Past (Gizmodo)
Five book industry predictions from the 90s that give us perspective – and pause when wanting to predict the future.

Blurb Acquires Magcloud (PW)
The illustrated self-publishing platform Blurb adds magazine layout tools and thousands of users in the deal.

Publishing M&A, Christian Publishing and More (Good E Reader)
Another edition of the Good E Reader podcast with DBW.

DBW Debates: Official Webcast Page (DBW)
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