Are iOS Users Ditzier Readers Than Android Users?

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iOS users may have cooler handsets and tablets, but Android users are a tad more intellectual when it comes to what books they read, according to a new infographic from ebook subscription service Oyster.

Oyster measured the reading habits of Apple iOS users and Google Android users, having added an app for the latter in mid-June.

Some observations based on the data (below):

— Android users are more likely to read books about health and spirituality vs. iOS users, who are more likely to read books about seeking happiness and influence, aka, health and spirituality’s more vacuous cousins.

— Most popular book on Android? The Giver, a novel, albeit a children’s novel, about a dystopian future that teaches valuable life lessons through allegory. iOS? How to Win Friends and Influence People, a guide for robots on how to be a charming salesperson.

— Two of the three most popular authors on Android: J.R.R. Tolkien and Kurt Vonnegut; on iOS: C.S. Lewis (aka, elementary-school Tolkien) and Philip K. Dick, who might be your favorite author if you like Vonnegut but find him too intellectual.

— Android Oyster users read a page every 20 seconds, versus 26 for iOS users. Android users also read for longer, averaging 8.5 minutes per session, versus 6.5 minutes per session for iOS users. Doing a bit of math, that means that Android users read about 25.5 pages per session and iOS users read about 15.

So, are iOS readers ditzier than Android readers? I’ll let you be the judge. See more data below:

oyster infographic 2

7 thoughts on “Are iOS Users Ditzier Readers Than Android Users?

  1. john

    >> iOS users may have cooler handsets and tablets,

    Who, aside from apple cultists, still believe this in 2014?

    Leading android devices are way cooler than the boring, outdated, also-rans from the fruit company. They have been for years.

  2. guest

    lol reading on an iphone. how do they read on those sh1tty little iphone screens? if you want to read get a real phone with a real screen

  3. Skeptical

    Two weeks of data, during a period where only Android early-adopters are involved. Yet another attempt to bash one side or the other.

    Biased articles like this are what continue to foster the stupid religious wars. You are not defined by your phone handset, and if you are, you need to get out more.

  4. Edward Smith

    Hmmm, lots of fun here! But I have two comments: one Mark Twain on statistics, ‘There are lies, and there are damned lies, and then there are statistics’ and Jeremy! You misspelled Tolkien twice! Tolkien not Tolkein. I use an iPhone because I not only read on it, but I write on it when I am away from my MacBook Air – I have written poems while standing in line at supermarkets, in airplanes, while walking my dogs – then at home I can tweak it on my laptop as, voilà there it is …. also iBooks Author allows for easy multimedia writing so, iOS for me all the way

  5. Kulmani Choudhary

    as a new author, this article is very helpful for me to understand reader’s trend and their interests. I am an android user and i love to write poems whenever get chance or whenever a situation comes in my mind. i write it while travelling or while eating or even while in office break hours using my android.



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