Are Agents Worth It?

scalesAccording to nearly 81% of authors, they are. These results come from the 2014 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Survey.

Authors also believe agents have a better chance at landing them a movie or foreign rights deal and help them get better deals with publishers.

Unsurprisingly, authors don’t believe agents are helpful in the self-publishing process.

More and what it means.

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Ebook Sales Rise in January (DBW)
Contrary to the trend we saw in 2013 of ebook sales flattening, they rose by double digits in January, led by a 65% increase in children’s and young-adult ebooks, driven likely by Divergent, Veronica Roth’s hit from HarperCollins.

Revamping the Traditional Ebook Retailer (DBW)
Publishers and distributors are experimenting with new ways of reaching readers directly, often to sell them books. Here’s a roundup.

Book Email Marketing Start-up BookBub Raises $3.8 Million (DBW)
BookBub is nearing three million members it can email with book deals and members purchase more than one million ebooks per month because of the service. The company has been profitable since its founding in 2012 and will use the money to accelerate growth.

Ebook Readers Want a Fresh Approach to Genre Fiction (DBW)
When it comes to genre fiction, dystopian young adult novels with a female protagonist caught in a love triangle might be wearing thin with readers, according to a panel of book bloggers.

As Tablets Rise, iPad Rises Slower (The Digital Reader)
While the number of tablets Apple shipped in the first quarter decreased year-over-year, many of its competitors saw increases. So a market that is growing is leaving Apple a bit behind. That said, Apple is still the No. 1 tablet maker – by far.

Ebooks for Everyone (
Just one of many: Everyone will be publishing ebooks soon enough. Adds a New Way to Make Ebooks Free (DBW)
“Thanks for Ungluing” is a new program from the ebook retailer that allows users to say “thank you” to the creators of creative commons licensed ebooks – with money, that is.

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