Aquafadas Releases New Version of Digital Publishing System, E-Reader

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Aquafadas Introduces Next Gen Reader in the Newest Version of Its Digital Publishing System

Version 3.4 of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System boasts the ultimate in responsiveness, fluidity and elegance thanks to the new Next Gen Reader

Aquafadas, developer of digital publishing solutions, today released version 3.4 of its Digital Publishing System, which introduces readers to Aquafadas’ new Next Gen Reader. Sharpening the user-experience, this new Reader results in improved app responsiveness, fluidity and elegance. Find out more about Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.4 here.

Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.4: New and Improved Features

More responsive: The Next Gen Reader immediately reacts to a user’s gesture. Pages are pre-downloaded to navigate without any delay.

More fluid: To handle complex layouts, the Next Gen Reader expands on the iOS UIScrollView capabilities, one of Apple’s most polished components, to manage the display of content in an app.

More elegant: Forget the ordinary “swipe” gesture and enjoy the new progressive scroll, which allows readers to flip quickly back and forth between two pages, giving them complete control of the transition.

New transition effects: Publishers can choose from reveal, dissolve, cross fade, fade through black, push or move in.

And more: New camera capture feature; loop for slideshows; right to left navigation; and improvement of smart reading for ePUB

Bring it All Together With Aquafadas Viewer

Aquafadas Viewer allows publishers to test out files to ensure a flawless user experience. Users simply open the information panel of the file, click Edit, then select “Next Gen.” This allows publishers to instantly test an existing AVE-mag with Aquafadas Next Gen Reader to see immediate results.

About the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System
The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System is an ecosystem of seamlessly integrated apps that include InDesign Authoring, Cloud Authoring, ComicComposer, Aquafadas Viewer, AppFactory, Cloud Connect and MotionComposer. These apps are designed to manage any digital publishing scenario from digital content and app creation to distribution and marketing. Without writing a single line of code, publishers can either design custom iOS and Android apps or automatically convert PDF files into digital format for distribution across tablets, smartphones, eReaders and the web.

The Digital Publishing System also provides powerful marketing tools, including the ability to integrate advertising campaigns and offer one-click in-App purchases. Sales and reader behavior analysis, now a crucial part of digital publishing, can be done using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, which integrates directly with the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System.

About Aquafadas
Aquafadas, a pioneer in digital publishing technology, enables the creation and mass distribution of graphics rich, interactive digital content such as books, comics, corporate documents, magazines, and newspapers, across all major platforms including smartphones, tablets and the web. Businesses all over the world rely on Aquafadas’ purpose-built content creation and distribution solutions to achieve their digital publishing strategies, significantly expanding content reach while lowering overhead costs. Some of Aquafadas prestigious customers include Bayard, Carrefour, Egmont International, Kelby Media Group, Lagardère, Mondadori, Reader’s Digest, Sanoma, Standard & Poors, and Vodafone. Now 8 million end users are reading a publication created with Aquafadas solutions.
Aquafadas is a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum and IDEAlliance, which help to improve both ePUB and OpenEFT formats.
A Rakuten group business, Aquafadas also provides its technological expertise to Kobo, the world’s fastest growing e-reader provider. For more information about Aquafadas, please visit

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