Apple Getting Into Ebook Subscriptions?

shutterstock_96513937At least one observer thinks it’s a possibility.

Apple’s recent acquisition of book recommendation engine BookLamp suggests the company is considering a move into the now-hot ebook subscription service to compete with Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, Oyster and others.

Contrary to popular belief, a good recommendation engine isn’t hugely important to a good ebook retail operation, writes Andrew Rhomberg. But, it’s very important to any kind of content subscription service.

So, does that mean Apple is definitely going to have one? No. But if it does, you know where you heard it first.

Much more.

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Another Ebook Subscription Service (The Digital Reader)
Japan’s Ameba, a blog and social networking site, is now offering a subscription option for manga comics.

Marcello Vena Leaves RCS Mediagroup (DBW)
Senior digital executive Marcello Vena has left RCS Mediagroup where he helped accelerate digital publishing innovation at Rizzoli. He is starting a leadership consulting firm called All Brain.

Sales Down at Harlequin (Pub Lunch)
Sales were down slightly at Harlequin and profits fell markedly in the second quarter as the company prepares for its acquisition by HarperCollins. The company said that much of the slide in profits were due to costs associated with the deal.

Perseus Closing Delayed (Pub Lunch)
The complicated three-way deal involving Perseus, Ingram and Hachette was announced just over a month ago. The ambitious close date of July 31 looks like it will come and go without the deal being done.

Publish Your Every Thought as an Ebook (DBW)
Evernote, the note-taking and thought-saving start-up, has inked a deal with self-publishing services provider FastPencil that will enable users of Evernote to publish their work as ebooks.

Breaking Down Amazon’s Latest Note (Pub Lunch)
Earlier this week, Amazon published a note on what exactly it’s seeking from Hachette and why. Michael Cader at Publishers Lunch breaks down the note and questions some of its statements.
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BookPal Launches Wholesael Ebook Operation (Good E Reader)
The company will sell ebooks to schools, governments and businesses in bulk. The company has 50,000 titles for sale to start.

The Kindle Flare (The Digital Reader)
What’s the biggest problem for book snobs when it comes to reading ebooks? Nobody can tell what work of literary fiction you’re reading, of course. Enter the Kindle Flare, a new e-reader from Amazon with a speaker that repeats the title you’re reading over and over. (Spoiler alert: News source is The Onion and it’s not real.)


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