Apple Gets Serious About Book Discovery

apple logo ipad-ipad2 wallpapers_3Despite apparently making huge gains in ebook sales in the U.S. and around the world, Apple is still considered by many in publishing as a second or third player in the industry.

An acquisition the company recently made that came to light this weekend could change that. Apple acquired BookLamp, the “Pandora” for books. In addition to being a powerful recommendation engine, BookLamp has a tremendous trove of data about themes, characters and writing styles in books.

You can see a sample of some of the deep analysis BookLamp can do on authors like Stephen King and E.L. James at DBW. And here are more of founder and CEO Aaron Stanton’s posts.

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What Apple Should and Shouldn’t Do (The Digital Reader)
Critics saying that iBooks should go Android and Windows could be wrong, as Apple’s worldwide strategy for content sales has worked by and large.

Authors Heckle Authors Guild (DBW)
A post on the Authors Guild blog attracted a lot of attention from authors of all stripes. The post asserted that the Guild supports all professional authors in their endeavors but some authors weren’t buying it. We got the Guild’s side, too.

Booker Prize on Wrong Track? (DBW)
One UK observer thinks the Booker Prize has made some smart moves but could lose its way and become less relevant if it doesn’t take care of some outstanding problems.

Pearson Down Slightly as Penguin Random House Integration Moves Forward (Pub Lunch)
Pearson sales for the first half of the year were down slightly versus last year. At the same time, the leadership expressed positive sentiment about the Penguin Random House integration.

Webcast: Creating Fixed Layout EPUB (DBW)
The new fixed-layout export feature for Adobe InDesign aims to improve the way ebook developers work on fixed-layout content. Tapping into its fullest potential means first getting acquainted with its capabilities and limitations.

How Publishing Professionals Get Books (Pub Trends)
In an informal survey of publishing professionals, Publishing Trends found that the most common source they have bought books from in the past year is Amazon, with about three in four having done so.

DRM Comics From Amazon (Ebook Magazine)
Amazon’s ComiXology is releasing some digital rights management-free versions of some of its catalog. The company’s CEO said that there’s “much more to come.”

Judge Expresses Doubt About Settlement (Pub Lunch)
Judge Denise Cote said on a conference call with Apple lawyers that the recent class action settlement agreement that the company recently reached with consumers may not fly with her.

Storia Goes Subscription Only (The Digital Reader)
The Storia ebook retail platform from Scholastic will discontinue selling ebooks one by one and instead focus on its subscription offering.

Profile of a Self-Published Author (Pub Perspectives)
Laurie Kellogg is prolific, with nine titles to her name since 2012. She’s also ecstatic about her fans.


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