Another Blockbuster Publishing Deal

harlequin2Consolidation in the book publishing industry continues. News Corp last week announced that it was acquiring Harlequin, which will become a part of HarperCollins.

The deal was C$455 million ($415 million) and all cash. HarperCollins revenues should swell by nearly 30%, assuming both it and Harlequin do as well in 2014 as they did in 2013. Speculating just about size, the company will likely be even larger than the sum of the two parts in 2014 due to the smash success of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series, which HarperCollins publishes.

More speculating: HarperCollins will likely be the second-largest trade publisher in the world in 2014.

Much more.

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Quick analysis on the big deal from last week – now with a bonus fourth reason! More.

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When it comes to striking a book deal, does using an agent help authors make more money from their work? A first look at the numbers suggests that it does, but it’s more complicated than you might initially think. Much more.

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Self-Published Author, Innovative Business Model (VentureBeat)
Self-published authors aren’t just forging new paths in publishing for themselves – they’re also thinking about doing it for others. One, a former venture-capital banker, is working on a fairly innovative business model for digital distribution that she thinks could be a path for others.

BookBaby Launches Direct Sales for Authors (DBW)
Authors can now create and distribute their ebooks through BookBaby. The company will give a higher cut of revenues to authors when titles are sold through its platform.

New American Library Association President (
Sari Feldman will be the next president of the American Library Association. You may recall her name from these pages when this happened.

Why Not Pirate Ebooks? (Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies)
Read this piece form an industry outsider on the ethics around not pirating ebooks. It will give you an idea of how a small but important sliver of readers are thinking about the issue.

E-Reading vs. Reading (Wired)
There may be substantive differences between how much you understand and retain when reading a print book versus an ebook, even if it’s just a plain text ebook on a simple e-reader.

Free Digital Comic Book Day (The Digital Reader)
This past Saturday was free comic book day, a holiday celebrated by comic book retailers where they attempt to bring foot traffic to their stores by giving away free comic books. This year, digital comic book retailers were also a part of the fun.

How ComiXology Will Pay Authors More Now (Graphic Policy)
According to the digital comic book retailer’s new terms with authors, content creators get a bigger cut of the pie when a reader buys a digital comic. This is following the Amazon acquisition.

How Flash Boys Spread (PW)
It was a much-discussed book on social media, mostly by men at a time when most books spread through social networks much more through women than through men.

Tesco Offers Rewards for Ebook Buyers (MarketWatch)
Every time a reader buys an ebook from Blinkbox, the ebook service from UK retailer Tesco, they get rewards points to buy good in store


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