Amazon’s Latest Play to Beat Bookstores

amazon.com_shop_all_departmentsWhen it comes to price, selection and convenience, Amazon is easily the best bookstore in the world. It often has the lowest prices for any book you want and can be on its way to your door in a matter of days with one click.

One thing Amazon hasn’t been able to give readers is immediacy…until now.

Want that book you just heard about today? Better head on over to your local bookstore and hope it’s in stock, or, as of this week, order it on Amazon before noon and you might be able to have it hand delivered to you that day if you live in one of ten select U.S. cities.

It’s not the same as getting the book right that second, but Amazon is closing the gap. Official release.

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More on the Perfect Bookstore (Aerbook)
Providing an alternate point of view from some of his co-participants, Aerbook founder Ron Martinez sees several things about Amazon that he’d like changed as a reader – and an opportunity for a new bookstore that operates differently.

Brazil’s Bookstores Get E-Readers (
French e-reader company Bookeen will be providing e-readers for Brazil’s largest bookstore chain, Saraiva. Saraiva is currently the third-largest ebook retailer in the country, behind Amazon and Apple.

Nook With Glowlight Comes to UK (DBW)
Barnes & Noble is now selling its flagship e-reader at several UK stores.

Sainsbury’s Takes Over Anobii (The Bookseller)
The UK retailer acquired the remaining 36% of the company it didn’t already own from Penguin Random House and HarperCollins and will integrate the ebook retailer into its online music retail experience.

Indigo Grows, Even as It Loses Money (PW)
The Canadian bookstore chain is selling fewer books and more other stuff and its revenue is growing even as it continues to lose millions.

Simon & Schuster Acquires Self-Published Title (DBW)
The publisher acquired a self-published children’s book from Archway Publishing, a self-publishing services business it runs in partnership with Author Solutions.

Students Want Digital Books and Cheap or Free Books (DBW)
Student consumption of learning texts is slowly but surely shifting to digital. Students are also finding more ways to get cheap or free (read: pirated) versions of titles.

Adaptable Textbooks (WashPo)
If we have digital textbooks that can be updated on the fly, and we have technology that can assess student skills and customize content to them, why not have adaptable textbooks? One company is spending $9 million over two years to see if it can make it happen.


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