Amazon’s Latest Giant Leap

shutterstock_173193773Amazon gave techies, investors and the media something to cheer about yesterday: It unveiled its first smartphone, four years in the making.

The Fire Phone matches up with the latest technology (more below) and will sell for about $200 with a mobile carrier contract, starting July 25.

What’s intriguing about this device for digital books is that it may be the best smartphone to read on yet. It allows for new kinds of scrolling and has a much larger screen than the largest iPhone.

But will it move the needle on ebooks?

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Amazon’s Fire Phone (DBW)
More details on the latest gadget from the world’s largest bookseller.

More on Fire Phone (WSJ)
The consumer-focused breakdown and implications.

Amazon Investors vs. Amazon Customers (Forbes)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a long leash with investors when it comes to his company making a profit. That leash may be shortening as investors are cheering every time Amazon looks for lucre by being tougher with suppliers, which can be tough on customers.

Scribd Adds Exclusive Content (DBW)
Short stories from start-up Connu will appear exclusively on Scribd. That’s 30 to start and a new one every few weeks.

Death of German Book Club (The Bookseller)
Bertelsmann (parent to Penguin Random House) will close its German language book club.

Publishers Go After Google (PC World)
It’s not just book publishers who have beef with Google using their content to help people find more of it. German news publishers have banded together to demand a cut of the advertising revenue garnered when their news links come up in search.

The New Blackberry (The Digital Reader)
Canada’s Blackberry has come out with its latest smartphone and it will be loaded with the Amazon app store.

Kobo Expands Kids Store in UK (The Digital Reader)
A small fraction of Kobo’s four million ebook titles will be available to kids in this digital gated community.


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