Amazon’s Best-Seller Streak Fades

shutterstock_111802340Amazon’s string of hits on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list over the past several weeks made it seem the publisher was finally giving its established competitors a run for their money.

That momentum appears to be subsiding. Amazon Publishing titles began to slide down the list recently, and this week there’s just one: The Rented Mule by Bobby Cole, currently placed at No. 25 and retailing for $4.99.

More, including this week’s top-25 ebook best-sellers.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

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Following weeks of intensified debate between indie authors and publishing industry observers over self-publishing successes, one such success, the crowned “Kindle King” in the UK tells his own tale of how one very large publisher helped him achieve goals he doesn’t think he could have achieved without help.

Behaving Badly: Getting Caught (Good E Reader)
A few very naughty scammers are using famous authors’ names on their own titles to pump up sales.

Behaving Badly: Covering It Up (TechDirt)
Shamed self-publishing services platform Autharium has resorted to the Web’s most dastardly tool to clear its name online: the DMCA takedown notice.

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Social reading platform Towerbabel has added a social writing component that allows authors, designers and others to work together to produce books.

Oyster Updates (Talking New Media)
New features in the Oyster app are aimed at making it easier for readers to find new books, share and read.

Scribd Expands (The Digital Reader)
The company’s catalog of ebooks is now up to 300,000. An infographic offers insights into how people read.

Amazon Partners With Kaplan on GMAT Ebook (DBW)
Amazon has partnered with test prep company Kaplan on a study guide ebook for the GMAT standardized test. An announcement calls it the first of its kind.

QED Seal From an Ebook Production Standpoint (DBW)
Mistakes do happen at even the largest publishing houses and the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for ebooks helps prevent them from reaching readers.

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