Amazon Readying New, More Expensive Kindle Model?

Amazon is reportedly getting ready to launch the Kindle Voyage, the latest model of its series of Kindle e-readers. The Verge, which has the news, is citing pages on Amazon sites in Germany and Japan that have since been taken down.

According to the reports, the new Kindle has a high-resolution screen and a new way for readers to turn pages: pressure sensors on the device’s bevel. It’s unclear whether this new Kindle will replace the Paperwhite, Amazon’s current high-end model. Requests for comment haven’t yet been returned by Amazon.

The new Kindle reportedly is thinner and lighter than the Paperwhite but also will cost more: €189 ($244.77) for the basic model without 3G, €80 more than what the basic Paperwhite costs now.

Kobo, Amazon’s competitor around the world, just unveiled a new high-end e-reader, the Kobo Aura H2O, which is waterproof, the main upgrade over the previous model, the Aura HD. The H2O costs $179. No word yet on whether the new Kindle is waterproof.

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