Amazon Offers Hachette Authors 100% Royalty

amazon-logo-squareThe Amazon-Hachette dispute that has gripped the book publishing industry took another turn this week: Amazon floated an idea to authors and agents and then to Hachette to give authors 100% of the proceeds of ebook sales until they could come to terms; the company also offered to restore normal trading for print titles at the same time.

At first, the offer was just to some authors and agents, but the consumer press made it public on Tuesday and then Amazon delivered the offer formally to Hachette. The publisher roundly rejected it, calling it “suicidal” to give up all its ebook revenues and the whole move a public relations stunt. Amazon countered that it was a legitimate offer and that Hachette should take it to spare authors.

What do you think?


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One thought on “Amazon Offers Hachette Authors 100% Royalty

  1. Deborah Smith

    Not just a PR stunt on Amazon’s part, but a bald-faced, arrogant, insulting stunt. “How about we give up 30 percent of the revenue on a product in which we have no financial investment and you give up 70 percent of the revenue on a product your company is heavily invested in and on which your company depends for an income ?”



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