Amazon Gets Physical

amazon-logo-squareThe e-tailer is readying a Manhattan retail location to open its doors in time for the holidays, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Amazon has already make a number strides toward getting its products into customers’ hands more speedily, from developing its sorting and distribution operations to the Amazon Locker pick-up program, not to mention its same-day delivery service.

It’s uncertain whether Amazon intends this storefront to outlast the holiday shopping season, but publishers and booksellers will be watching closely for what happens next.


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Hachette Arms Authors and Agents with Data (DBW)
The publisher launches a new portal for authors and agents, offering weekly sales figures alongside resources to improve and streamline the publishing process. Here’s a list of its key features.

Ebooks to Surpass Print by 2018 (Economist–infographic)
While ebook growth may have slowed down and print still remains dominant, the digital transition continues apace. A recent analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers puts sales of trade ebooks in the U.S. and UK on track to overtake print by 2018. Check out this infographic.
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HarperCollins Expands Subscription Offering (The Digital Reader)
The Russia-based ebook subscription service Bookmate widens its catalog of English-language titles through a new deal with HarperCollins. Bookmate launched two mobile reading apps just a few weeks ago.

What Adobe Knows (and Doesn’t) About Your E-Reading (Go To Hellman) founder Eric Hellman digs into the latest on the ebook data tracking program Adobe confirmed this week it’s conducting through Adobe Digital Editions, dispelling recent misconceptions while highlighting what questions still need answering.

Curbing Mistrust in Use of Ebook Data (Scholarly Kitchen)
Revelations this week that Adobe is gathering extensive data on ebook readers’ habits through its Digital Editions platform is just the latest in a spate of incidents that erode consumers’ trust in how digital content providers use information about them.

Authors Guild Gets New Leader (PW)
Mary Rasenberger succeeds Paul Aiken as Executive Director of the Authors Guild, which is currently pushing for a Justice Department inquiry into Amazon’s business practices, while at the same time staking out a position in a sometimes contentious community of authors.

Cost-Control and Compromise in the Textbook Market (NPR–graphs)
Three graphs offering snapshots of trends in the textbook market suggest why publishers are pursuing less expensive, digital alternatives to print textbooks.
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How the Common Core Affects Young Learners (Language Magazine)
A young generation of children is entering the educational system at the same time the new standards are taking effect. Here’s a look at the ways some publishers and educators are aligning their approaches to early education.
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