Amazon Brings Goodreads Closer

untitledWhen Amazon acquired Goodreads last year in what was one of the biggest book publishing start-up exits so far (don’t forget this one), little changed at the largest book-focused social network.

Since then, Amazon has slowly but surely brought Goodreads and its tens of millions of users closer to its Kindle ecosystem. First it was integrating Goodreads into the Kindle e-readers and apps.

Yesterday, Amazon took another step, building in functionality in Goodreads that allows users to import their books purchased on Amazon onto the Goodreads platform.

(While many users will find this convenient, others likely won’t. Why? Well, part of the appeal of ebooks is that nobody can see what you’re reading on your morning commute. With this new functionality, all of your Goodreads friends can see all your embarrassing Amazon purchases*.)

Press email.

* According to a Goodreads spokesperson, users can choose which Amazon purchases to display and which to keep secret. 

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One thought on “Amazon Brings Goodreads Closer

  1. Happyskrappy

    Feel free to point out as well that other people – that don’t use a kindle to read ebooks (I know – the AUDACITTY OF THEM!) but do use Goodreads won’t be able to partake in that as well.



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