Agreement Near Between Amazon and Hachette?

shutterstock_203092189At least one person who knows a lot about the situation thinks so: David Streitfeld, the New York Times reporter who initially broke the story and has written about it extensively since.

In his latest long piece on the Amazon-Hachette dispute, Streitfeld wrote, “a deal soon would not be a surprise,” based on the latest offers from Hachette and Amazon’s current position.

He told Digital Book World later through email, “Hachette has made a third offer they describe as very generous. Amazon is being killed by this author thing. It really bugs them. They are supposed to be the author’s friend. So when both parties have an incentive to settle, isn’t that when you see a settlement?”


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One thought on “Agreement Near Between Amazon and Hachette?

  1. Joe

    Amazon is being killed by this author thing?

    Sounds like more Hachette PR spin to me, which the New York Times is very good at. But the overwhelming sentiment as far as I can tell is on Amazon’s side. Especially after they offered to pay authors 100% royalties, on the heels of offering to set up an author fund—both of which Hachette rejected.

    People aren’t stupid. They know whose on the authors’ side.



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