Adult Ebook Sales up, Children’s Down in 2013

shutterstock_160596476When you add it all up, sales of ebooks across adult, children’s and religious publishing were down about 1% on the year, but the results are mostly from the nearly 27% decrease in children’s ebook sales in 2013 versus 2012. Blame it on The Hunger Games.

The “good” news for ebook publishers is that adult ebooks were up 3.8% in 2013 to $1.3 billion. It’s positive growth but represents major deceleration of growth in the ebook market. In 2012, ebook growth hit an inflection point. It had ceased accelerating and was up “only” 41%. In 2013, it slowed further.

It remains to be seen whether 2013 is a high water mark for adult ebook sales, which represented 27% of the overall trade book publishing market, up from 23% in 2012. As more time passes and analysts have time to dig into the numbers – and yet more numbers come out about ebook sales in 2013 and beyond – we shall see.

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