Younger Ebook Readers Three Times More Likely to Discover New Books Through Social Media

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Young E-Book Consumers Three Times More Likely to Use Social Media for Book Discovery

E-reading consumers who use Amazon or Barnes & Noble e-readers are more likely to use online and e-book storefronts as a book discovery tool, according to new research by NextMarket Insights.

In a survey conducted of over 1200 US e-reading consumers in late 2012, NextMarket Insights discovered 64% of those who use an Amazon e-reader (non-tablet) as their primary e-reading device use e-book store rankings and reviews as a way to discover new e-books, 17% more than those who use iPads.

Figure 1: E-reader consumers use of online store reviews/rankings for book discovery, segmented by primary e-reader

“This shows the power of tight integration of e-book stores on device, and it also suggests an early-arriver advantage for Amazon,” says Michael Wolf, chief analyst at NextMarket insights. “While nearly half of iPad users also use store reviews and rankings to discover new e-books, our research suggests that these consumers rely more heavily on word of mouth as well as book reviews in magazines and in blogs.”

Figure 2: E-reader consumers use of social media for book discovery, segmented by age

Another interesting finding is the drastic difference in the usage of social media for e-book discovery by age group. According to the survey findings, e-book reading consumers aged 18-29 are two times more likely to use social media for book discovery than those aged 45-60, and over three times more likely as those aged over 60.

“Social media is an increasingly important discovery tool for all forms of entertainment, and our survey shows the impact it is having on the book publishing industry,” says Wolf.

These results are from a new report published by NextMarket insights entitled, Survey and Analysis of E-Book Discovery Behavior, The report is based on a survey of over 1200 US e-reading households conducted at the end of 2012.

NextMarket Insights is a research firm focused on emerging consumer technologies. NextMarket Insights was founded by Michael Wolf, a long-time consumer analyst who helped create GigaOM’s successful research services and also launched research practices at In-Stat and ABI Research. For more information visit or call 317-455-5529.

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