WSJ’s War on the DOJ’s War on Apple

wsjThe Wall Street Journal opinion page doesn’t like Judge Denise Cote. In a scorching editorial on Friday, the Journal called her relationship – with is personal as well as professional – with the lawyer appointed to monitor Apple to make sure it doesn’t violate any more antitrust last “offensive to the rule of law and a disgrace to the judiciary.”

The editorial alleges that Michael Bromwich, the lawyer, has overstepped his bounds in the position appointed to him, and that Cote had directed him to do things that were unconstitutional and beyond the borders of what was to be his role.

In another editorial published yesterday, the Journal takes a deeper dive into Bromwich and further outlines his alleged overreaching (for instance, interviewing Apple executives that wouldn’t likely have anything to do with antitrust violations and deeply investigating the company in a broader sense).

WSJ of course discloses that it is owned by News Corp, which also owns HarperCollins, a company named in the original Department of Justice ebook antitrust complaint.

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The rest of the day’s top news:


HarperCollins: A Content Company (
HarperCollins isn’t so much a book publishers as a “content” company these days, according to this piece, focusing not on putting books on shelves but on delivering content to consumers. HarperCollins has been very public as of late declaring its forward-thinking policies and digital savvy – both with its actions and press appearances. Meet the executive behind this shift: chief digital officer Chantal Restivo-Alessi.


More Evidence of UK’s Run Toward E-Readers (The Guardian)
Two years ago this holiday season, the New York Times published a poorly thought out piece about how parents felt kind of icky about ebooks (the article and our reaction here). Two years later, in an eerily similarly timed piece, The Guardian actually talks to experts and parents and in a very even-handed report presents a pretty good case for everyone in the UK getting their kids an e-reader.

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The Next Amazon Algorithm Killer? (Pub Perspectives)
This article proposes that it’s your local bookseller. While a nice thought, isn’t it time the industry dispense with this kind of thinking being mainstream?


Indie Bookstores and Ebooks (
A deep dive into how a local bookstore is working hard to make Kobo e-readers and ebooks work for it offers insights into how the e-reader/bookstore connection works – and if it can work.


Speaking of, Here’s Your Buyer’s Guide (
Here’s what consumers will see when they decide which e-reader to buy this holiday season. Unfortunately for the e-ink business, they won’t be buying nearly as many e-readers as tablets.


E-Reader, Smartphone Combo Review  (Good E Reader)
The YotaPhone is a smartphone with an LCD screen on one side and an e-ink screen on the other. If such a device were to become popular, it would make reading ebooks for longer on one’s phone easier as well as give the e-ink industry another platform. Unfortunately, this particular model isn’t all that great.


Judge Approves Final Settlements in Ebook Case (PW)
Monetary payments by the last publishers to settle the matter of ebook price fixing – Macmillan and Penguin – will start in early 2014.


Simon & Schuster’s Hot Bed (L.A. Times)
To appeal to a growing audience of “young adult” readers, Simon & Schuster has launched a multi-platform (Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) media play called “the Hot Bed.”


Nielsen Re-Org (The Bookseller)
Following its acquisition of Bowker, Nielsen Book has gone through a bit of a personnel reorganization. Details.

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