Worldwide Ebook Industry Coming of Age

shutterstock_91806926The report from Frankfurt is in: Digital publishing is coming of age worldwide.
While there was a marked decline in “hustle and bustle” at the fair itself, that may be a symptom of publishers around the world becoming more comfortable with digital publishing and not panicking as much as in year’s past.
Distribution, production, partnerships and, most importantly, sales have all matured since 2007 when the Kindle was introduced.
No surprise, the publishers who took those risky, initial steps into the digital deep end are the ones who are reaping the most rewards now.
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The rest of the day’s top news:
Self-Published Erotica a Problem for Amazon, et al? (Forbes)
The short answer: yes. The long answer: maybe. More: DBW and Good E Reader Discuss the Issue.
Indie Authors: Treat Us the Same (Good E Reader)
A petition is circulating among indie authors demanding ebook retailers treat them fairly when it comes to taking their work down due to concerns about objectionable content following last week’s events where many authors had their ebooks removed from popular ebook retail sites.
Inkling Takes on Open Air (DBW)
Popular Open Air titles Ready, Set, Baby! and Betterbook are now owned by the enhanced ebook creation technology platform/publisher/retailer.
Amazon Predatory Pricing? (Pub Lunch)
Lawyer Bob Kohn is at it again. He has filed a with the U.S. District Court a 27-page document claiming that Amazon was engaging in predatory pricing practices prior to 2010 when publishers and Apple signed “agency” pricing agreements and that this alleged behavior is relevant to the now decided ebook price-fixing case.
Author Goes Retro to Fight Piracy (Digital Journal)
Author Patricia Simpson is not releasing her latest title, Gabriel’s Daughter, as an ebook in an effort to prevent piracy, according to a press release. It could backfire. Just ask J.K. Rowling.
Tea-Books (The Bookseller)
British bricks-and-mortar and ebook retailer Sainsbury’s is offering a promotion for customers who buy two packets of PG Tips tea.
Trade Sales Sag in Italy (The Bookseller)
The Italian book trade hit a five-year low for sales numbers in 2012. The decline has reportedly continued into 2013.
Nook Gets More App Distribution (DBW)
The Nook app will now also appear on the tablets produced by nonprofit One Laptop per Child.
Baen Now on Nook (The Digital Reader)
Ebook pioneer Baen, a publisher of science-fiction and fantasy books, is now selling ebooks on Nook, in addition to other large ebook retailers. The company sells ebooks directly to consumers, too, digital-rights-management-free.
Bowing to Censorship (Pub Perspectives)
Some authors and publishers are making compromises on content to be allowed to sell books in the huge market. Would you?


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