Why the Ebook Sales Slowdown Is Only Temporary

kids and ebooksWhile ebook sales growth has flattened in the past six months, it’s almost certain to continue its upswing – sooner or later.

Parents are turning their children into ebook readers at an increasing clip. More parents intend to buy their kids ebooks and e-reading devices this holiday season versus last year, according to new research from PlayCollective and Digital Book World.

So, while various short-term factors may mean that ebook sales growth in the U.S. is halted for now, it’s only a matter of time before those digital native kids grow up and become adult readers.


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The rest of the day’s top news:


The Platform-Agnostic Generation (DBW)
The coming generation is “platform-agnostic” but what does this mean for publishers? They should be thinking about building content across platforms because kids don’t care about what platform they engage with their favorite brands – they just want to play.


UK Teens Think Ebooks Too Pricey (The Bookseller)
Why? The usual: Because they cost nothing to produce, a new report says. Same as here. The report suggests publishers lower prices to capture more of the market.


KDP Key to Amazon’s Dominance of German Ebook Market (Pub Perspectives)
By law, books have to cost the same across retailers in Germany. So, how did Amazon compete (and win)? By offering an unparalleled self-publishing program that offered authors a chance to monetize content and readers exclusive material.


International Ebooks: Going Local on a Global Scale (DBW)
Digital distribution and ebook growth in foreign countries makes selling ebooks internationally a big opportunity for publishers of all sizes. But how do you capitalize? The experts at Kobo have spent years scaling an international ebook business and can tell you.


Russian Bookmate Wants to be Next Spotify for Ebooks (NPR)
For about $5.00 a month, Bookmate gives users access to its library of more than 225,000 ebooks. The company hopes this access model will combat ebook piracy. Related: Scribd’s Latest Milestones.


New Twitter Marketing App for Authors, Publishers (PW)
Authorbee helps authors and publishers assemble narratives out of the tweets of fans and followers.


Audience-Centric Publishing (Pub Lunch)
Macmillan UK has launched two new publishing groups aimed at kids over six and under six. The new groups will help Macmillan focus on audience, said Belinda Rasmussen, publisher of Macmillan Children’s Books.


Local Library: Congress, Protect Our Access to Ebooks! (Grove City Record)
A library system in Ohio has voted to call on Ohio members of the U.S. congress to pass legislation protecting library rights to buy ebooks. In other parts of Ohio, library systems are spending liberally on ebooks – emphases on “spending” and “liberally.”


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