Why Publishers Like Ebook Sales Slowdown

tortoiseData from the Association of American Publishers, the Book Industry Study Group and anecdotes from numerous publishers support the notion that ebook sales growth has leveled for the time being.

And it’s a good thing?

According to several publishers interviewed by Publishers Weekly, it is a “mixed blessing” – a deceleration in a promising growth area but may also herald a new era of stability for the business, giving publishers and booksellers time to adapt.

Of course, there are publishers which are still on the rocket ship. Take Hachette and HarperCollins, which both recently reported big ebook growth so far this year.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Ebook Slowdown Pushes Content Creators to New Growth Areas (EContent Mag)
The slowdown in ebook growth is pushing content creators into new ways of thinking. Still, many signs point to the slowdown in U.S. ebook growth being temporary.


Oyster Partners With ePubDirect (DBW)
When it comes to ebook subscription services, for the time being, it’s a matter of adding titles. Oyster has just inked a deal with ebook distributor ePubDirect that creates another conduit for the start-up to do so.


New Book Discovery Site, Stumblery (Good E Reader)
Dubbed as the “Stumbleupon” for ebooks, Stumblary shows users a quotable line and then offers them the opportunity to see where it’s from.


Another Attempt at Solving the Book Discovery “Problem” (Pub Perspectives)
Describli has its own brand of book discovery that it claims is better than all the rest. Meanwhile, most readers continue to report exactly no problems finding new books to read.


An Argument Against Ebook Personalization (DBW)
Forrester’s James McQuivey isn’t so sure that personalization is right for books – and he explains why here. Related: Sourcebooks bullish on book personalization.


Icky Print Books (NYPost)
“Fifty Shades of Gross” was the headline at the famously wry tabloid: Researchers in Belgium have found trace amounts of herpes and cocaine on library print copies of Fifty Shades of Gray.


Textbook Industry Disruptor (Forbes)
Despite investor excitement in digital content for higher education, at this point it’s print textbook rentals rather than e-textbooks which are having the most disruptive effects on the industry.

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Smashwords Adds Dropbox (Good E Reader)
Now readers who buy ebooks from indie author distribution platform Smashwords can download them right to their Dropbox cloud storage accounts.


Slideshow: Google’s Book Scanning Win (eWeek)
So many years after the initial lawsuit was filed, are you having trouble remembering why the Google Books scanning case is relevant in your life? This slideshow breaks it down and keeps it simple.


Ebook as Resumé (Pub Perspectives)
Want a job in publishing? Why not publish your resume as an ebook?

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