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intersectionThe content creation platform Glossi is gaining attention from the ebook publishing community, despite the fact that it’s still in beta and that the company’s current focus is on the fashion and entertainment industries.

Glossi holds promise for entrepreneurial authors and agents looking for creative ways to assist independent authors, and for publishers and established authors looking for new digital opportunities to share excerpts, character backstories, etc.

The platform, which accommodates moving images, embedded video, social sharing, and links to product pages, could also be useful for creators looking to pitch ideas or publish full-length ebooks with visual enhancements.

One DBW blogger spoke with the company’s vice president of business development Robyn Ward and found out about the renowned authors already using Glossi, the company’s plans for growth, the platform’s use as a publishing and marketing tool for the ebook community and more.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Library Creates Ebooks (National Library of New Zealand)
The National Library of New Zealand has completed a pilot project, digitizing a random selection of out-of-print books, published between 1857 and 1988. This report looks at lessons learned and includes links to download PDF and ePub versions of the 36 titles.

Amazon Needs Publishers, Publishers Need Booksellers (Salon)
With fewer brick-and-mortar booksellers thriving thanks to Amazon’s market dominance, publishers are losing a longstanding support network. Amazon needs those same publishers creating ebooks and print books it can sell. Has Amazon bitten the hand that feeds it?

Learning Management Drives Global Education (DBW)
By 2015 the online education market is projected to reach $78.4 billion. Digital education brings with it opportunities for universities to generate more revenue and for education to reach emerging economies. Learning management systems are relevant to both these opportunities.

The MIX.02 Conference and What Digital Means for Storytelling (Pub Perspectives)
The conference, which took place in England this month, explored how apps, GPS stories, narrative games, branching narratives, etc., necessitate the participation of creators and consumers in both the technologies and the stories.

Print or Digital? We May Never Know (Digital Reader)
The Rasmussen Reports, a recent survey, shows 75% of Americans prefer print books over ebooks. Considering a somewhat different reader sample, a BISG report released this spring shows 82% of what it calls Power Buyers prefer ebooks.

A Snapshot of Digital Scholarly Publishing (Critical Margins)
This two-part interview with scholarly publishing consultant Tim McCormick explores apps for the scholarly market, archivable works, crowd funding, moocs and much more. Part One. Part Two.

Readmill Improves iOS App (Readmill Blog)
The new version of the ebook reader app enables PDF highlighting and has new options for user profiles, and allows for email sharing with the app.

Can Chocolate Sell Ebooks? (Shelf Awareness)
There’s no evidence of that. But, researchers in Belgium found that the scent of chocolate keeps in-store consumers browsing bookshelves longer and more intently.

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