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best_sellerAs of yesterday, the New York Times ebook best-sellers list is only available online. Additionally the Times will no longer include cover prices on its best-seller lists. This, because of “the fluid variety of pricing in today’s marketplace,” Pamela Paul, editor of The New York Times Book Review, told The New York Observer.

You know that DBW publishes a weekly ebook best-seller list. In fact, this week’s list comes out tomorrow. But maybe you haven’t read the methodology, which describes how and why the DBW list shows price and publisher: “titles are grouped into sub-lists by price (four separate price-band lists: $0 – $2.99; $3.00 – $7.99; $8.00 – $9.99; and $10.00 and above) and listed according to the minimum price that appeared at any point during the week on any retailer used for determine price band.” The understanding is that low price is an important driver of ranking.

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The rest of the day’s top news:

Publishing Hackathon to Solve Book Discovery (DBW)
Hundreds of developers came together in New York City this weekend to solve the publishing industry’s discovery problem and other concerns. The 30 best ideas to come out of the event are here. And, there will be prizes. Winners will be announced at BookExpo America.

Digital Discovery Options for Indie Booksellers (PW)
Now that Amazon owns Goodreads, many independent booksellers are looking to new sites to aggregate influencer reviews, gauge reader sentiment, and promote digital discovery.

Nook Simple Touch to Include Email and Web Soon (TechCrunch)
The e-reader updates will be available in June, according to an anonymous source who shared the story with TechCrunch. The update makes sense, since consumers are increasingly reading on tablets and expect greater functionally from their devices.

Kobo’s Limited Edition Aura HD Reader (DBW)
The company’s new e-reader boasts the highest-resolution screen (265 dpi) on any e-reader today. And, it’s being marketed to “passionate booklovers.”

Dutch Ebook Market Up 45% in Q1 (DBW)
Digital books comprised nearly 4% of the Netherlands book market share in units so far for 2013.

Study: UK Kids Read More E than P (DBW)
The U.K. charity National Literacy Trust surveyed kids between 8 and 16 years old. 39% reported reading daily on a device and 52% prefer it.

Poetry Challenges Ebook Publishers and Developers (Washington Post)
Line breaks and on-page appearance effect meaning in poetry. More publishers are striving to bring poetry to digital readers while preserving the creators’ intentions and the readers’ experience.

Publishers and Investors Value Ed Tech (CB Insights)
Venture Capitalists, corporations and others invested $1.1 billion dollars in education technology in 2012. And, publishing companies have been making significant acquisitions in Ed Tech: Pearson made 15 acquisitions, Macmillan Group 7, McGraw-Hill 5, and John Wiley & Sons 3.

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