What Happened to Ebook Growth?

bisgIn 2013, ebook market-share growth stalled out.

In years prior it had been a business that was gobbling up market share from print formats but now it seems to have stabilized, according to new data from the Book Industry Study Group (and several other sources before now).

The question going forward for the industry is: Will this continue?

With more people adopting digital devices and a new digital generation coming of age in the next decade, we wouldn’t bet on it. Look for ebook growth to resume at some point. But when?

Read more (charts).

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Kindle Most Popular E-Reading Device…Still (Forbes)
According to new data, Kindle e-readers are still the most popular set of devices for those who read ebooks. But tablets are catching up fast, according to purchase-intent data. Read more (charts).


Readers Want More Value (DBW)
A new study from BISG suggests that readers are willing to pay more for digital products but will want more in return – like the ability to re-sell or give away their ebooks. More.


HarperCollins Goes Direct-to-Consumer (DBW)
HarperCollins has partnered with consultancy Accenture to build a direct-to-consumer ebook sales platform. The company went out the door with Narnia.com and CSLewis.com, where readers can buy ebooks. The company also launched its own e-reading app. Read more on the strategy from chief digital officer Chantal Restivo-Alessi.


New Nook E-Reader (DBW)
The new Nook GlowLight uses the same display technology as the Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Aura HD. It retails for $119. More.


Webcast: Unleashing Creativity in Inkling Habitat (DBW)
A new webcast from Inkling will teach you how to use the Habitat platform to do all you want and more to create fantastic digital reading products. Register today.


User-Acquisition Model for Libraries (DBW)
Cengage is offering a new ebook acquisition model for libraries that allow for flexibility based on user demand.


Who Needs Librarians? (Delmar Now)
One local librarian explains what libraries are going through with ebooks to possible patrons in her own words.


Twenty Questions for E-Singles Publishing (HuffPo)
When is John Krakauer going to write another ebook single? Why aren’t big book publishers publishing more singles? And more!


FastPencil Tags Along With NaNoWriMo (Good E Reader)
Author services and ebook distribution firm FastPencil is offering those who participate in National Novel Writing Month and use the FastPencil platform the opportunity to get consulting from an established novelist.


New Eight-Inch E-Reader (The Digital Reader)
Bookeen has come out with an eight-inch e-reader. Check it out.


Amazon’s New Literary Journal (DBW)
Day One will come out weekly and focus on short fiction and poetry. It will sell for $19.99 for an annual subscription but is available for a limited time for $9.99.

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