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The American Library Association (ALA) is planning outreach activities for the next few months. In particular, we will have a policy presence at Book Expo America (BEA) this year. The Association of Authors’ Representatives is organizing a panel on ebooks and libraries, and has graciously invited ALA President Maureen Sullivan to serve on it. I will be at BEA with Maureen—along with others associated with ALA’s Digital Content Working Group—to talk with authors, authors’ agents, publishers, distributors, and others in the publishing ecosystem.

The 2013 ALA Annual Conference takes place at the end of June in Chicago. I know that many staffers from publishing houses and content distributors will attend. We will have at least one public program, as well as various meetings. We also have several reports and articles in process.

What do you (non-library folks) wish to hear about from the library community? What questions do you have? Also, for BEA, any thoughts on how to best communicate with folks on site? For example, are there forums at which we should try to participate?

I look forward to any thoughts you have to help us shape our communications efforts. Reply in the comment section or send an email to me at ainouye at alawash dot org. Thanks.

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Alan S. Inouye is director of the Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) of the American Library Association (ALA), based in Washington, D.C. Since 2011, he also serves as the program manager of ALA’s Digital Content & Libraries Initiative. Prior to ALA, Alan was the coordinator of the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee in the Executive Office of the President for three years. Earlier, Alan served as a study director at the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Academy of Sciences for seven years. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley.

One thought on “What do you wanna hear?

  1. Karen Myers

    As an indie publisher I would like a better way in to the library community than remote relationships such as Smashwords distribution. For one thing, my terms to libraries would be a lot more favorable.

    I do appreciate that this is a difficult to scale issue. Any news on more indie-friendly aggregators and overviews of an approach that would work for indies would be very welvome.



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