Webcast: What Authors Want: Understanding Author Priorities in the Self-Publishing Era

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On February 7 at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT a free webcast was recorded about authors—aspiring, self-published, traditionally published and “hybrid.”

Registration for this event is over. If you are a member or for more information on how to become a member, you will find the recording in our webcast archives.

What Authors Want: Understanding Author Priorities in the Self-Publishing Era

One-third of traditionally published authors are interested in self-publishing their next book, according to a new survey from Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest.

What Authors Want: A Comprehensive Survey of Authors to Understand Their Priorities in the Self-Publishing Era, queried nearly 5,000 aspiring, self-published, traditionally published and “hybrid” authors (authors who have both self-published and traditionally published).

Beyond revealing the nuances of the trend toward self-publishing, this webcast will look into that study at how authors are building their social media platforms, what they think about advances, royalties, ebook prices, agents, ebooks in libraries and more.

With the rise of self-publishing, authors have more power than ever before and publishers, agents and others in the publishing industry would be well advised to learn from authors precisely what they want.

Attendees Will Learn

— The publishing preferences of authors—aspiring, self-published, traditionally published and “hybrid”
— What limitations and advantages authors see with traditional publishers
— How “hybrid” authors can serve as a barometer of things to come in digital and print publishing


Bob Mayer, a best-selling hybrid author and founder, Cool Gus Publishing
Phil Sexton, publisher and community leader, Writer’s Digest
Jeremy Greenfield, editorial director, Digital Book World


Deanna Utroske, content producer, Digital Book World

Who Should Attend

— Digital Publishers
— Traditional Publishers
— Agents

This webcast is a free service of Digital Book World. A recording of the webcast is available to Digital Book World members.

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