Webcast: Think Outside the Book: Multi-Platform Storytelling and Digital Publishing

Join Digital Book World and experts from The WiredBallyWho Tuesday, August 13 at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT for a webcast where you will learn why digital publishing is the perfect format for transmedia storytelling.

Think Outside the Book: Multi-Platform Storytelling and Digital Publishing
Fancy tablets like the iPad are changing the way people discover and ingest content and that includes books. With a generation raised on Angry Birds and creepers, these enhanced reading experiences are here to stay. How will you adapt?

Digital book enhancements—video, music, narration, pop ups, games, interactive maps, 3D objects—can be used in a multitude of ways and for different reasons. Whether it’s to add more context around a fictional Elizabethan kingdom or to provide local news clips from a golf tournament in the 1970s, enhancements can function as far more than shows of digital prowess. They give the reader more context and can provide multiple entry points into a story—whether fiction or nonfiction.

Attendees Will Learn

— The WiredBallyWho definition of transmedia
— How to use transmedia as marketing tool
— STOP: Why are you adding that enhancement?
— Strategies to focus on kids, education and attention spans
— A new understanding of author: Non-collaboration, collaboration, and call-and-response


— Connie Watts, publisher, WiredBallyWho
— Jen Olson, publisher, WiredBallyWho


— April Arrglington

Who Should Attend
— Book publishers, large and small
— Book app developers
— Authors
— Booksellers
— People who embrace technology
— People who hate technology
— Artists

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About April Arrglington

A self-proclaimed Transmedia enthusiast, April has a unique background in film, publishing, new media, and Transmedia. Primarily invested in the relationship between intellectual properties, fandom phenomena and technology convergence, she started covering the Transmedia landscape out of Los Angeles since 2009 after a year of falling in love with the emerging Transmedia movement. Consequently she became the Director of Content Curation for Transmedia LA in 2011. In the process she created the Transmedia Toolkit Wiki and became the Story Producer and Project Manager for Transmedia LA’s first ARG, The Miracle Mile Paradox. Original from Panama, and bilingual in Spanish and English, April was a FIND Project:Involve Fellow for 2007, and a winner of the Writer’s Arc 2006 Screenwriting Program with the same IP that got her shortlisted for the 2006 Sundance Screenwriter Labs. Passionate about IP and content creation, April is excited about new patterns of innovation, interactive design, emerging interfaces, and new media strategies that will shape the future of entertainment world wide.