Webcast: The Search for Excellence: Creating Prizeworthy Digital Books

On July 17th, Digital Book World and the director of the 2014 Digital Book Awards presented a free webcast where you had the opportunity to learn about current technologies and features available for developing excellent, innovative ebooks.

Registration for this event is over. If you are a member or for more information on how to become a member, you can find the recording in our webcast archives.

The Search for Excellence: Creating Prizeworthy Digital Books
Digital publishing continues to evolve. After several cycles of development and innovation, can we apply our knowledge and experience to creating great digital books right now?

What makes a great ebook, enhanced ebook, or book app? We’ve asked two experts on ebook creation and usability to walk you through the important issues to consider. Joshua Tallent, Chief Ebook Architect at Firebrand Technlologies, will discuss, among other things, the features and affordances of ePub3 that can make an award-winning work. Anne Kostick, partner at Foxpath IND, and program director for the Digital Book Awards 2014, will survey some platform-specific works, and highlight features that make outstanding digital creations.

Attendees Will Learn

— Features and affordances in ePub 3 that make excellent, even innovative, digital books
— Similar features available elsewhere that make such books
— Thoughtful ebook enhancements
— Creative uses of existing functionalities and possible combinations for great UX


— Joshua Tallent, Chief Ebook Architect at Firebrand Technologies; Digital Book Awards Judge
— Anne Kostick, partner, Foxpath IND; program director for the Digital Book Awards

Who Should Attend
— Digital book publishers
— Ebook developers
— Ebook and app creators
— Everyone interested in the Digital book Awards

This webcast is a free service of Digital Book World. A recording of the webcast will be available to Digital Book World members.

About the presenters
About Anne Kostick
Anne has been a partner in Foxpath IND since 2000, specializing in the transition to and from traditional content publishing and online content development, management, and publishing. Her clients include trade book publishers; technology and financial services Web sites; and arts and cultural institutions. Anne’s semimonthly column, Digital Reading, discusses user experience and related topics in ebooks and digital reading. Anne currently serves as president of Women’s Media Group, a 35-year-old industry organization, and is program director for the 2014 Digital Book Awards. She is the author of several books for children and a definitive collection of jokes.

About Joshua Tallent

Joshua @jtallent 
is Chief Ebook Architect at Firebrand Technologies. A veteran of the eBook world, Joshua has been developing eBook files since 2002. He is an acknowledged expert on the Kindle and ePub formats, and is the author of Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide. Joshua founded eBook Architects in 2008 with the goal of creating the best eBook files available on the market. He is an active speaker and teacher on topics related to eBooks and eBook design, conducting numerous online and in-person seminars for groups like Digital Book World, BISG, and the Association of Canadian Publishers, as well as speaking at conferences like Tools of Change, Digital Book World, and Book Expo America.