Webcast: Finding Books Without Borders: Discoverability in a Digital and Social World

On Tuesday, May 14 at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM BST DBW hosted a webcast where you will learn about digital and social trends in book discovery.

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Finding Books Without Borders: Discoverability in a Digital and Social World

There has never been a shortage of books published. Digital is leading to an explosion in titles available as books no longer go out of print and as the barriers to getting published are coming down leading to a much greater output of new titles.

The challenge? Finding that perfect book, that book that grips and entertains us, that books we put down with a sense of satisfaction when we have reached the last page.

Online presents new opportunities for discovering books, but also challenges for a book to get discovered, for it to get picked out of the millions of other titles available. At the moment, online discovery is probably far more challenging than the discovery paths we are used to in the physical world, be it a book shop or library.

Join Digital Book World for a webcast exploring how readers find what to read next and how authors find an audience in the digital and social world.

Attendees Will Learn

— Challenges of online discovery
— Discovery paths outside the Amazon best seller list and promotions
— Social conversations and the importance of quotes and snippets in online conversations
— What tools authors can employ to create a conversation with readers online


— Andrew Rhomberg, founder of Jellybooks
— Henrik Berggren from Readmill


— Joanna Ellis from the Literary Platform

Who Should Attend
— Publishing Executives
— Marketing executives
— Customer Insight Executives
— Book Publicists
— Agents
— Authors
— Book Bloggers

This webcast is a service of Digital Book World. A recording of the webcast is available to Digital Book World members.

About the Participants

Andrew Rhomberg is the founder of Jellybooks, a start-up focused on exploring, sampling and sharing ebooks. He previously worked at txtr (whitelabel ebook retail platform), Skype (internet telephony), Reciva (internet radio), gate5 (now Nokia Maps), and Shell (oil). He holds a science Ph.D. from MIT. Follow him on Twitter at @arhomberg.

Henrik Berggren is a Swedish entrepreneur that relocated to Berlin to build Readmill – a digital reading platform for e-books. Readmill lets readers store all of their ebooks in one place, enjoy books in one of the best readers on iOS and share their favorite parts with friends. The company was founded in 2011 and is backed by Wellington Partners, Index Ventures & Passion Capital.

Joanna Ellis joined The Literary Platform’s consultancy arm in March 2012 and works with its clients on business development and organisational change, consumer engagement and partnership building. Previously she was Marketing Director at Faber & Faber where she worked on the launch of Faber’s PoD imprint, Faber Finds, the Faber Academy, Faber Factory and Faber Digital’s award-winning apps as well as a range of high profile books and authors. She regularly speaks at international conferences on brand and communications, the changing publishing landscape and organisational change.

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