Webcast | Digital Backlist Marketing: The Infinite Shelf Life of Ebooks

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Digital Backlist Marketing: The Infinite Shelf Life of Ebooks

The backlist accounts for nearly half of the trade book market. And those titles present a worthwhile opportunity to frequently re-evaluate, refresh, re-launch or repeal marketing campaigns.

The digital backlist can always be new and timely. Ebooks that aren’t newly published can be marketed in conjunction with current events on a moment’s notice when the proper planning and resources are in place. Similarly, new marketing platforms and approaches can be retrofitted to backlist tiles when the conditions are right. A well-maintained backlist is one of the best tools in a digital marketer’s toolbox. The “long tail” is made possible by digital retail means books never need to go out of print again, but they might as well if your potential readers can’t find them.

Join Digital Book World and experts from Diversion Books to discuss strategies and best practices for marketing digital backlist titles.

Attendees Will Learn
— The size and scope of the digital backlist potential market
— The go-to digital platforms and channels for backlist marketing
— Effective strategies for digital backlist marketing
— Best practices and lessons learned from experience


Mary Cummings, Editorial Director, Diversion Books
Angela Craft, Marketing & Publicity Manager, Diversion Books

Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World

Who Should Watch
— Book marketers
— Digital marketers
— Publishers
— Entrepreneurial authors

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About the Presenters

Mary CummingsMary Cummings, Editorial Director, Diversion Books
With background in editorial, marketing and project management capacities, Mary Cummings handles acquisitions for Diversion and assists in business development and strategy. Mary has worked with over 100 authors and their agents throughout the life cycle of their projects to maximize the sales potential and marketability of their works, including S.E. Hinton, Greg Behrendt, Colin Mochrie, Anita Mills, Roger Kahn, Mark Cuban, and The Washington Post.

Angela Craft
Angela Craft, Marketing & Publicity Manager, Diversion Books

Angela Craft first started working with books while still in high school, initiating an internship program with the middle school library. Since then, she has built a career based on her love of books, first as an independent book review blogger at Bookish Blather, and following that as a sales representative at American Book Company. As an active blogger and social media user, Angela is fully immersed in internet culture, especially as it relates to book lovers and the larger publishing industry.

4 thoughts on “Webcast | Digital Backlist Marketing: The Infinite Shelf Life of Ebooks

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  3. Michael W. Perry

    Just keep in that that in the current state of the technology, that \infinite shelf life of ebooks\ applies to publishers and retailers. It doesn’t apply to the public who are buying those ebooks. If they no longer own the proper hardware or if ereader technology changes, they may find that they can no longer read that book they bought.

    There’s no \infinite shelf life\ from the reader’s perspective. Some don’t care. They read once and discard. Others have yet to discover the lack and, when they do, they’re likely to become mad.

    In a few years, either Congress or the DOJ is likely to see political benefits to be gained in stirring up trouble in that area. If the past is any judge, what they’ll attempt isn’t likely to be that impressive, so the publishing industry would be wise to prepare in advance to turn the currently ambiguous possession of an ebook into something more like ownership.

    That’s even more true with music. A typical son may not get that hot and bothered if his father’s ebook collection departs this world with him. He’s likely to be most upset if he can’t inherit his fathers music collection. Modern people attach a high value to music.

    –Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books, Auburn, AL

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