Vook Partners With Authro to Offer Authors Book Trailer Services

[Press Release]

Vook partners with Authro to provide custom websites and book trailers Vook authors receive a special discount on Authro services.

In an effort to help our clients increase customers and drive ebook sales, Vook has partnered with Authro to build professional, customized author websites and engaging book trailers—essential marketing tools for first-time and seasoned authors. Vook has always provided clients with free ebook landing pages when they distribute to Vook’s store, but Authro sites and book trailers help authors take their marketing to the next level.

With custom websites and book trailers, authors can:

1. Actively inspire people to buy their books, no longer relying solely on book reviews
2. Drive traffic to one central location in their marketing efforts
3. Build a community through engaging content, comments, and newsletters

Vook authors receive $100 off each service. Authors and publishers can sign up for Vook’s ebook-creation services by visiting Vook.com or emailing Allison@vook.com.

About Authro
Authro was created out of a clear need for a reliable, professional source for well-designed websites for authors and powerful book trailers that would help authors reach more potential readers and sell more books. Authro is a team of authors, publishing industry insiders, website designers, and producers who are passionate about giving authors engaging websites and book trailers at a price they can afford.

About Vook
Founded in 2009, Vook has created an innovative technology platform that helps content holders to create great ebooks, add video and images, publish the ebooks to their own Web pages and to the major e-retailers, and track their sales. Vook provides a turnkey solution for content strategy, including editorial, marketing and distribution services and has worked with a range of partners, including The New York Times, NBC, Simon & Schuster, Google, American Express Publishing, and Newsweek Daily Beast.


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