Uncle Sam: Ebooks for All

A bill proposed to the Connecticut General Assembly would mandate that publishing companies sell ebooks to libraries at the same rates as they sell to consumers.
The bill, introduced by Representative Brian H. Sear of the 47th district (Dem.), doesn’t mention terms, like the number of times a library would be allowed to lend a copy of an ebook before it would have to purchase it again, but one can assume the intent of the bill is to level the ebook playing field for libraries and thereby eliminate those kinds of stipulations.
It’s not the first time in the past several years the government has intervened in the ebook business. In the spring of 2012, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Apple and five of the largest U.S. publishers. The result of that action is now being seen directly by consumers and on the balance sheets of major ebook-sellers and publishers as ebook prices for best-sellers are plummeting.
In the UK, there have been government calls to mandate that libraries offer ebooks to patrons. Since, droves of UK libraries have adopted the practice – even though the government’s involvement is in its very early stages. Perhaps this proposed Conn. bill will spur action in the industry even if it doesn’t go anywhere.

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